WATCH: Colbert Trots Out Fauci, They Promptly Attack 'Politicization of Science,' Trump's 'Hostility'

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Disgraced former National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Anthony Fauci stopped by Monday's edition of CBS's "The Late Show" to hawk his new book (which I won't name) and to of course attempt to rewrite the history of the COVID pandemic as well as to throw a pathetic pity party for himself.


I mean, I thought the COVID Gnome™ was going to burst into tears as he lamented to host Stephen Colbert about the "hostility" foisted upon him by evil Donald Trump and the equally evil Republican Party as a whole.

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Colbert, sensing his serial-lying little buddy was hurting inside [heavy sarcasm], rushed to condemn... wait for it... "the politicization of science." 

Politicization of science is dangerous, but it's not a new thing. This has happened in the past. You've dealt with it in the past. Have you seen anything like the way it is now? Because certainly just a few days ago, your testimony down in Washington, D.C., made headlines for the hostility you received.

Fauci agreed, of course: "Yeah." Sniff, sniff. Tissues, anyone?

Colbert proceeded to further beclown himself by slobbering all over the beyond-arrogant guy who once famously declared, "I am the science." Slobbering aside, Fauci should be charged, tried, convicted, and thrown into federal prison. Yet, here's Colbert:

Is this—even for your long and storied career and being involved with all these politicians, does this seem like something new to you?

Fauci then showed — yet again — his true, smug, and unapologetic colors.

Quite new and disturbing. Back when I first became director of the Institute, which was, you know, I had been director for almost 40 years, in the beginning there was always politics, you know. People of different ideology. 

There was center, center-left, center-right. They disagreed and they sometimes would argue with each other but at the end of the day, there was civility and respect for each other. What we're saying now is what you had mentioned, Stephen, it's vitriol and pure hostility. 

So, I would get questioned in a very strict-pushy way, maybe back in other administrations. But at the end of the hearing, they would come over to you and say you know, “Good job. Sorry that we had to be tough with our questionings, but we want to get to the right place.” 

Now it's pure attack, which is totally, it’s just, I believe it's a reflection of the profound degree of divisiveness in the country which is very destructive.


Unbelievable — but not. 

I don't know if this guy has ice water or antifreeze in his veins, but in the face of overwhelming evidence that he made decisions and recommendations prior to and during the pandemic that needlessly hurt untold numbers of families across America. 

Yet, Fauci feels sorry for himself because he was attacked. Because he faced well-deserved hostilities. Who the hell does that? Other than people like Fauci, I mean.

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Fauci: I Made It All Up

There's gotta be a "special place" for people like Anthony Fauci, if you know what I mean.

Finally, Colbert went on to ask Fauci about a specific chapter in his book. Yeah, not interested in writing about that, but I will include a Fauci comment that's actually amusing — although not for the reason he thought it was.

It was most unusual that I was working in the White House and the communications people in the White House were doing opposition research about telling the public about I'm usually wrong on what I say. That's sort of, like, weird.

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Two peas in a pod. Love it.


The Bottom Line

Anthony Fauci could be held over an open flame and he would never — NEVER — admit what he did, didn't do, or what he was responsible for happening during the so-called "pandemic."

Why not? Pride. False pride. And America paid for it.



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