Has the Cost of Your Home Insurance Spiked? If So, CBS and NBC Want You to Blame...'CLIMATE CHANGE'

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If you didn't know better, you'd think what you're about to read is from The Babylon Bee, the best satire site on the planet, in large part because it ridiculously attempts to blame yet another example of the spectacular failure of Bidenomics on something other than the truth.

In this case, so-called "anthropogenic climate change," which makes it even more ridiculous.

At issue is the spike in home insurance rates. It appears that the left-wing lapdog media have settled on "climate change" — a non-Bidenomics excuse — as the culprit. The twin awards for the best examples I've yet seen go to NBC and CBS. 

Here's NBC:

The costs of owning and maintaining a home have soared, up 26% since 2020 according to one analysis. And home insurance is a major piece. That's up 20%. One of the reasons, climate change. Last year, the United States had a record 28 separate weather and climate disasters costing at least $1 billion, with insurance companies losing money in 16 states. And now many insurers are dropping customers from their policies, sometimes leaving entire states.

Rather melodramatic, huh? And full of crap, at the very least, with respect to so-called "climate disasters."

CBS's Jo-Ling Kent took a similar approach in making excuses for increasing home insurance rates. 

With many parts of the country seeing more extreme weather and heavier damage, premiums are going through the roof. Nationwide, the average home insurance policy rose 11% last year. Currently, for $300,000 of coverage, the average premium is $2200 a year. 

If rates go up 11% this year, that's an additional $245. To lower your insurance costs, consider bundling your home and auto insurance, investing in weather proofing your home, including storm windows and drains, and shop around for quotes. Little things that can lead to big savings.

I have a better idea. To "lower your insurance costs" — or at least keep them from continuing to rise — kick Joe Biden the hell out of the White House. And if the Democrats wise up at their national convention in August and kick Biden off their presidential ticket, vote against whoever replaces him. 

So here's the deal:

The lapdog media aren't stupid. Intentionally misguided, perhaps, but not stupid. In this case, they're trying to kill two birds with one stone: absolve embattled Joe Biden and his disastrous policies from the continuing havoc wreaked on tens of millions of Americans and promote the notion that hardships suffered are due to "climate change," AKA "the existential threat to mankind."

In related silliness, and we reported in late May, ABC's chief meteorologist and chief climate correspondent Ginger Zee made a complete fool out of herself while describing “eco anxiety” as a growing mental illness. How bad was it? Anchor Diane Macedo ended the segment by listing the suicide and crisis hotline, equating stress over the climate with legitimate crises for which the hotline was originally intended.

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as Life-Threatening Mental Illness

Meanwhile, Bidenomics continues to lay far more waste to the budgets of hardworking Americans and those with fixed incomes than so-called anthropogenic climate change ever "thought about" doing.

As we reported on Tuesday:

As Joe Biden and his flying monkeys in the quasi-official Democrat media continue to tell us the economy is clipping along at a torrid pace, America's small business owners are among those who beg to differ.

The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) recently released the results of a survey of small businesses, which found that small business uncertainty spiked to pandemic-era levels in May. A substantial percentage of small business owners cited continuing inflation as the top concern. 

Yep, Joe did that. 

Or, at the very least, Biden administration policies, coupled with the "Don't believe your lying eyes" shtick they've been trying to foist on the American people for more than a year, have only exacerbated public frustration with ever-increasing prices.

Additionally, as we reported on Wednesday:

If you listen to the Biden administration, the economy is currently on the "upswing." If you live in the real world, you are probably being crushed by the cumulative price increases that inflation has caused over the last three years. Everything is more expensive, and unless you are extremely wealthy, there's no real way to escape the repercussions. 

For many who had plans to buy a home, they simply can't anymore due to mortgage payments going up by as much as 60 percent. Unfortunately, no relief was found after the Fed finished meeting on Wednesday, and it looks like "Bidenomics" will continue to haunt Americans for the foreseeable future.


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But, hey — what do facts matter when you're the left-wing media, pushing two narratives at the same time?


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