Joe Biden's Economy Is a Shambles, and America's Moms Are Struggling to Make Ends Meet

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Joe Biden's economy is hammering the middle class, and now American middle-class moms - a constituency that has traditionally leaned a little to the left, and one that Democrats tend to take for granted - are blaming Joe Biden's policies for their difficulties in making ends meet.


The kitchen table economics of American households have become a battleground for frustrated moms who find themselves struggling with the realities of the Biden administration's policies.

"It is bad. The mom-and-pop stores are closing down at an alarming rate. [It takes] two to three jobs per person just to make ends meet," Kristina Tullos, a concerned mom from Hawaii, said Tuesday on "Fox & Friends First."

Tullos was one of three moms who spoke with co-host Carley Shimkus about their financial frustrations under the current administration.

Joe Biden's economic policies have been disastrous, and things are not turning around, no matter how much Joe's handlers try to deny it. More and more Americans are looking back at the previous administration with nostalgia.

Quisha King, a business owner, podcast host and single parent, compared her life under the Trump administration to the one she currently lives, zeroing in on the struggle to cover the cost of everyday necessities.

"It's so debilitating," she said. "I am so ready to vote for a change, [to] vote for Donald Trump to get rid of Bidenomics forever.

"You get scared to even pull up your bank account because you go to the grocery store, and you spend so much on gas and regular everyday things, and your children need things," she continued. "It becomes so much of a struggle, and I'm ready for Bidenomics to be gone. I am so tired of him trying to pretend like Americans are not struggling."


Quisha King would appear to have plenty of company.

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Bidenflation, Bidenomics - Whatever You Call It, It's Still Hammering American Families

There's a cautionary message here for the Trump campaign and Republicans in general, though. It won't be enough to just point a finger at the Biden economy and make well-deserved observations about how much it stinks. They have to bring their own positive arguments to the discussion.

What should that alternative be? Liberty, of course. Promise deregulation. Promise lower tax rates. Promise smaller government. Promise that people will be able to keep more of what they earn. Promise to make it harder for looters and moochers to coast in neutral. And, while you’re at it, talk about bringing order back to our major cities, and maybe eliminating some extra-constitutional Imperial agencies. Promise to unshackle our energy sector, to make us once more energy-independent, and to bring down fuel prices - along with the prices of everything else.

Then deliver. Talk is cheap. Action is priceless. Let's presume that the election unfolds as happily as we can imagine and that President Trump is sworn in and walks into the White House in January of 2025 knowing that over in Congress, he will be working with a comfortable GOP majority in House and Senate.


In this scenario, the President-elect and the Congressional leaders should damn well have spent most of their time between election day and the seating of the new Congress working out bills, drafting them, getting ready to put them forward for votes, then on day one of the new Congress, all the Speaker of the House should have to do is slam down the gavel and shout "GO!"

We've seen Biden's way. It doesn't work. The GOP is in a strong position on this issue; they need to take advantage. 

As someone once famously said: "It's the economy, stupid."


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