Whacked-Out Whoopi Calls for Class Action Suit Against Supreme Court, Other Ladies of 'The View' Disagree

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So who'd a thunk it? What are the odds of one of the lady geniuses of ABC's "The View" going so far off the the rails that even the other silly geniuses disagree? Welp, that's exactly what happened on Tuesday's episode of the ridiculous show — this time, myopic moderator Whoopi Goldberg was the outlier — and it was a sight to behold.


The issue at hand for the ladies was recently-released audio secretly recorded by a Democrat activist posing as a "documentary filmmaker" with the intent of trying to embarrass Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and his wife. In other words, pure trash. 

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The recording only further highlighted Justice Alito's faith. Nevertheless, Whoopi wondered aloud, with every brain cell she could muster:

So if these recordings are legit, does this compromise finally Alito's ability to serve on the Supreme Court? 

Why can't we sue them in a class action suit? [members of the Supreme Court] ... I don't know why you can't pull a class action suit that says, listen, you are no longer doing the job you're supposed to be doing. I don't understand.

Unadulterated idiocy. Who knew? Incredulously, co-host Sarah Haines responded:

I don't like how these were obtained. I don't think this woman presented ... she lied then she did this gotcha moment. And I thought it was worse in the headlines than what I heard on the ground because I did listen to more of the tapes.


She even complimented Alito.

Alito goes on to say, it sounds like he's being polite to this woman because she seems a little nutty. She's leading every question and he's sitting there. 

Eventually he says, the Court has a limited role and Justice Roberts handled it like a pro and this is where ... judges, they're trained in this. They are allowed to be highly religious people and not then adjudicate in that same vein.

Wow, yeah.

Pretend-Republican token Alyssa Farah Griffin agreed with Haines.

Well, and I had the same take that I think Chief Justice Roberts answered the way I would have expected any Supreme Court justice ... to answer. Acknowledging the role of the court to uphold the law, to interpret the Constitution. But decisions around the morality or direction of the country are left to Congress, the representatives of the people and I think people need this constant civic reminder of how our three branches of government work.

I understand enough of Griffin's rambling response to know she didn't agree with Whoopi's idiocy. Except for the "decisions around morality ... [is] left to Congress" part, that is. 


While I fully understand there's a demographic out there that actually looks up to the ladies of "The View," I sometimes fail to understand why there are enough viewers to keep this nonsense on the air. 


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Wait— no I don't. Never mind.  

The Bottom Line

Setting aside Whoopi's ignorant comments, this segment of the "The View" was somewhat pleasant to watch. I never thought, in a proverbial million years, I'd live to say that. Wonders never cease.



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