From the Mouths of Fools: NY Gov. Hochul Says We Need to 'Free the Palestinians From Hamas'

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Given embattled New York Gov. Kathy Hochul's apparent lack of — how to put this, tactfully — an overabundance of Mensa-level brain cells, I almost feel bad every time I force myself to blister the latest asinine utterance that dribbles out of her Democrat mouth. Operative word: "almost."


Welp, it just happened again.

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe," Hochul talked about her recent trip to Israel — as if it were some kind of important diplomatic mission — saying that one of the reasons she took the trip was to help bolster the resolve to “free the Palestinians from the stranglehold of Hamas.”

Uh-huh. Bolster away, governor, but nonsense. 

Let's continue and let Hochul explain: 

New York City has more Jews than Tel Aviv and Jerusalem combined, 2.2 million. So, everybody knew somebody. Everybody had experienced real pain, and I needed to go there and just let people know that we stand with Israel. 

We condemn the terrorist act of Hamas. And I needed to see and bear witness and tell the stories upon my return, to strengthen our resolve, to eradicate evil in places in Gaza, and [to] free the Palestinians from the stranglehold of Hamas.

And there it is. 2.2 million votes. (We'll get back to those votes in a minute.)

Anyway, a noble objective, of course, but here's the thing:

Exactly where Hochul's declaration falls on the ridiculousness scale is anyone's guess — determined, in part, by exactly who "we" was in her mind. Moreover, how does Hochul see "we" carrying out such a plan? She doesn't — she has no clue. 


And not to be skeptical, but if it weren't for those 2.2 million Jews in New York City — the vast majority of whom vote Democrat in every election, year after year, no questions asked — the New York governor would've never made such a statement — or taken such a trip — in the first place.

Hochul continued:

I’m concerned about innocent Palestinians, of course we are, but what Hamas did on October 7 will go down in the annals of history as one of the worst terrorist attacks in terms of the scale of the population. I met the refugees from one community, and I went to that place one mile from the border, Joe, and a population of 700. This is a kibbutz. 

These are basically — if they were in the U.S., they’d probably be — some of them would be hippies. These are peace-loving people, [and] peace activists, they lost 70 of their own residents, 10% of the population slaughtered that day, and many were taken hostage. I needed to see that, talk to the leaders about our own hostages, but also just to give comfort to people who, in turn, were trying to give me comfort. It was something I’ll never forget.


OK, I (temporarily) changed my mind regarding skepticism. 

No, Hochul "didn't need to see that." And, no, the New York governor didn't need to "talk to the leaders about our own hostages" or "just to give comfort to people who, in turn, were trying to give me comfort."

Again, what Hochul needed to do was to grandstand for those 2.2 million mostly Democrat voters in NYC. 

Did I mention that there's no better friend to Israel on the planet than America's Republican Party? 

Go figure.



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