Hamas Plays Stupid Games, Wins Stupid Prizes: Israeli Official Vows Gaza Will Be 'Razed to the Ground'

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"I realized that we were in a nightmare, in hell." 

The above realization came from Maha, a 34-year-old Palestinian woman from Gaza City, who told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that she was at first "ecstatic" when she learned that "Hamas fighters [were] inside Israeli territory and fighting with all their might." Then reality hit Maha like a ton of bricks:


But as the picture became clearer, and I saw that there were Israeli prisoners, I realized that we were in a nightmare, in hell.

Lesson to be learned: When you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

In the aftermath of the brutal terrorist strike by Hamas against Israel, the horror of the barbaric attack left the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) with no other viable option than to exact revenge in Gaza, the Hamas haven. As the IDF's relentless counterstrike continues via air, it appeared on Wednesday that Israeli forces were all but ready to launch a ground invasion of the Strip.

An unnamed Israeli official vowed not only that Gaza would be "razed to the ground," but also that the densely-populated Strip will "eventually become a city of tents." 

Here's more:

The security official told Channel 13 News no buildings will remain in the region, saying, “Gaza will eventually turn into a city of tents.”

It comes as tens of thousands of Israeli troops have massed at the border with Gaza in what could presage a sweeping ground invasion of the strip.

Israeli military officials warned they had “created an iron wall of tanks, helicopters and aircraft” around Gaza as they continued to carry out strikes on the region from the air late on Tuesday night.


Maher, a 48-year-old resident of Gaza City, like Maha, was also surprised by the Hamas abduction of Israeli citizens.

I didn’t think for a moment that the attack was planned. But when we learned about the number of fatalities on the Israeli side, we understood that it was a planned operation, and then Hamas issued an official announcement about the ‘Al-Aqsa Flood’ war.' For the Palestinians in Gaza, the events and the abduction of Israelis were a big surprise.

Still, Maher insisted, Hamas took prisoners "only to force the release of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.” He explains that this war is intended to “preserve Palestinian national honor.”

Uh-huh. Now do the murder of 40 babies, some of whom were beheaded, Maher. Why did your "heroic fighters" commit those international war crimes, along with allegedly raping women and killing Israelis in front of their families? We'll wait.

Maher predictably played the "This is all Israel's fault" card.

I don’t support Hamas’s positions, but this war is a direct result of the siege on Gaza and the occupation by the enemy. Israel has been occupying our Palestinian lands since 1967. We all know very well that they are not interested in negotiations with the Palestinians. That’s the only option we have left – to fight.


Obscene nonsense. 

Honorable fighters fight; abhorrent terrorists commit despicable crimes against humanity. 

The Bottom Line

As the world watches the Middle East, Joe Biden — the most incompetent president in U.S. history — try as he might, continues to make a loathsome fool out of himself with respect to the Israel-Hamas War, while far-left congressional Democrats continue to embarrass themselves in all of their anti-Semitic, Palestinian-apologist "glory."

Remember the days when the United States government could be counted on as a voice of reason and steadying force when international crises broke out? Me, too — barely.


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