WATCH: 'The View' Geniuses Describe Israel's 'Anger' as 'Terrifying,' Blame Trump for Hamas Attack

'The View' hosts find Israel's 'anger' 'terrifying,' blame Trump for Hamas attack. (Credit: ABC/MRCTV)

Let's begin with the usual disclaimer I include in articles I write about "The View," and other such foolishness.

No, Whoopi, Behar, Hostin, & Co. aren't even close to newsworthy. And no, nobody gives a damn what they think or say about anything, other than their equally ill-informed sycophantic audiences. 


But yes, as Rush Limbaugh believed, it's our duty as conservative influencers to expose as much of the left's always nonsensical, often hateful, bilge as we can.

As the Israel-Hamas war continues, the latest horrific story, as we reported earlier on Tuesday, was the discovery by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) of 40 dead babies in the Israeli town of Kfar Aza following the Hamas invasion on Saturday. Some of the babies were beheaded, officials said. 

Given that backdrop, let's get to the ladies' latest lunacy.

The anti-Israel haters' Tuesday spew requires little introduction, given the track record.

Racist decolonizer Sunny Hostin kicked off the absurdity by referring to Israel's right to defend itself against brutal unprovoked attacks as "anger," which she described (lied about) as "terrifying." 

I think for me I'm not a geopolitical expert or anything like that I've said many times my grandfather is Jewish, and so my family has been roiling about this. What is terrifying to me also is that there is so much anger on the Israeli side – arguably correctly so because they've never seen this kind of massacre on their land in 50 years... – 

But now you have a defense minister that [sic] is saying we are going to close the [Gaza] Strip and put 2.2 million innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip and we're going to launch an offensive against those 2.2 million people, half of which [sic] are children; providing no food, water, or electricity. There are losers on both sides of this, and they're civilians.


"Why minds much better than mine have tried to figure out a way for peace in the Middle East. I pray for peace," Hostin added. 

I'm sure I missed it, but where did the disingenuous host mention the 40 murdered Jewish babies?

So after a bit more of back-and-forth absurdity, Joy Behar weighed in with this beaut:

And I would like to know who is behind this [Hamas attack on Israel] because it’s very interesting that now; I would think Putin is sitting back and saying, “Wow. Well, they’re going to send their money to Israel. So, maybe they won't send them to Ukraine. They won't send the money to Ukraine now.” 

I'm very suspicious of this and what did Donald Trump tell Putin when he was in Helsinki? These are questions that need to be answered in this country. I would like to hear the answers to those questions.

Can't make it up, don't have to.

The Bottom Line

To be fair, the ladies did somewhat condemn Hamas, but they were more than willing to blame Israel — and Trump, of course — as well, which is often the way leftists respond when horrific atrocities carried out by terrorists and other (non-white) evil people are just too damn hard to ignore.




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