WATCH: Maxine Waters Says Democrats Protect Patriotism, GOP Wants to Destroy America

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In this episode of "Mad Maxine"...

Few — if any — lawmakers on Capitol Hill are as wack as Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA). Not only does the far-left Democrat spin absurd, hateful yarns, intentionally dripping with divisive language, but I'm also convinced that she actually believes every distortion that comes out of her mouth. 


During an appearance on MSNBC's "The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart," Mad Max was at her 'best." In response to Capehart's faux attempt to catastrophize a budget proposal from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) to cut federal spending by "as much as 23 percent," Waters spewed:

Oh, absolutely. When you take a look at what they're doing, it shows, you know, that the Republicans have claimed patriotism — claimed that they love this country. They don't care. If they will allow seniors and veterans not to be able to get their disability check [sic], for example, they don't care.

Apologies for the convoluted gobbledygook — Maxine's words, not mine. 

Meanwhile, a couple of questions, Congresswoman: 

Please explain to me how taking money from hardworking Americans and giving it to people who didn't earn it is patriotic.

And while you're at it, please explain what the heck you're talking about with respect to the Republican Party planning to deny seniors and veterans their social security checks. I'll wait.

Here's the thing:

Democrats have been spewing bilge like the above for more than 50 years. They know they're lying, we know they're lying — and they know we know they're lying. And they don't give a darn because they're not talking to us; they talking to their low-information rank-and-file voters.


Waters continued, this time lying about Republican efforts to remove sexually explicit books from grade school libraries and so-called "Critical Race Theory" indoctrination from public school curricula. 

If they would allow education to be dismantled in this country, they don't care. If they don't care about the people sleeping on the streets, the homeless — and they're cutting housing vouchers — they're not patriots. They are basically not only disrupting this country, they're destroying it. 

Shaking her finger for emphasis, Waters added:

And they cannot claim patriotism, anymore. We, who fight for the people, claim patriotism. We are the patriots, not them. For the Republicans, patriotism is lost. 

Riddle me this, Maxine: 

Hardworking Americans built this country from the ground up to become the industrial engine of the world — and that was just the beginning. Funny, I don't recall untold numbers of people sleeping in the streets, rampant drug abuse, tents on city sidewalks, and the federal government rushing to dole out federal benefits (wealth redistribution, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers), all of which only further exacerbates the already out-of-control insanity.


The Bottom Line

I'm not going to get into the business of declaring who's a patriot and who isn't, but I will declare that intentionally creating a permanent underclass of Americans dependent on the largess of the government for the most basic of needs is as far from American patriotism as a political party can get.

Oh, I almost forgot: Did I mention that throwing open the southern border and all but inviting a steady surge of illegal aliens to stream into America isn't patriotic, either?

Maxine Waters is always wrong, my Democrat friends. Don't be like Maxine.



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