Rashida Tlaib's Lie-Filled Tweet Against Israel Gets Instantly Fact-Checked Into Middle of Next Week

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It’s hardly news when a member of The (Clown) Squad makes an anti-Semitic attack against Israel. Whether from Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or in this case, Rashida Tlaib, it’s a safe bet that the attack — be it verbal or written — will be riddled with blind hatred and despicable lies.


What is news is Twitter’s crowdsourced fact-checking system instantly shot down Tlaib’s latest hateful anti-Israel attack, providing further proof of why a recent Pew Research Center survey found that the share of Republican Twitter users who say the site is mostly good for democracy has risen from 17 percent to 43 percent since Elon Musk acquired the social media platform.

Anyone with even a basic understanding of the origin of Israel and its ongoing struggle to co-exist with the Palestinians can spot the lies in Tlaib’s tweet from a mile away:

Speaker McCarthy wants to rewrite history but the apartheid state of Israel was born out of violence and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. 75 years later, the Nakba continues to this day.

Nakba is an Arabic word meaning — to Arabs — “catastrophe” and refers to Israel’s “ethnic cleansing of Palestine, its exiling of Palestinians and making them into refugees, its dispossession of Palestinian property, its destruction of Palestinian cities, towns, and villages, and its attempt to erase the existence of the Palestinian people from its homeland in 1948.”


Needless to say, Kevin McCarthy is not trying to rewrite history or any other such nonsense; it was Tlaib who attempted to rewrite history in response to McCarthy’s (above) tweet during his recent trip to Israel:

The United States and Israel share a special relationship: we are the only two countries in history that were conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that we are all equal. I know the best days for Israel—and our unbreakable bond—are ahead of us.

Maybe it’s just me, Ms. Tlaib, but I see zero lies in the Speaker’s comment.

However, as I noted earlier, Twitter’s crowdsourced fact-checking system instantly spotted the lies in Tlaib’s tweet:

Israel was born out of UN General Assembly Resolution 181. https://www.un.org/unispal/document/auto-insert-185393/

“Ethnic cleansing” affected both Jewish and Arab communities caught up in the war initiated by 5 Arab states who opposed the existence of Israel. https://history.state.gov/milestones/1945-1952/arab-israeli-war

Israel has 21.1% Arab citizens with full and equal rights. https://en.idi.org.il/articles/38540


Oopsie, Rashida.

Here’s more on the above fact-check, which is displayed on Twitter beneath Tlaib’s above tweet — via Fox News:

The fact check first points out that Israel was created by United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181, linking to the document at the U.N.’s official website.

The fact check then points out that the “ethnic cleansing” Tlaib claimed happened “affected both Jewish and Arab communities caught up in the war initiated by 5 Arab states who opposed the existence of Israel.” To bolster the second point, the Twitter fact check linked to the State Department’s official history of the Arab-Israeli War of 1948.

The last note pointed out that Israel has over 20% Arab citizens who have “full and equal rights,” linking to a Democracy Institute study that found the country’s Arab residents had declining rates of infant mortality and rising life expectancies.

Oopsie, indeed. This is a perfect example of why the left lost its crap when Elon rode into Twitter Town with a wad of cash and never looked back. Had Tlaib posted her lie-infested spewing in Twitter 1.0 days, it would have gone unchecked — like so many other leftist lies and propaganda on the formerly left-wing site.


To be sure, Musk has vowed that there will be “no exceptions” to who gets fact-checked, which one would assume would apply to lies on both sides — as should be the case. Why?

First and foremost, when lies go unchallenged on our side it hurts our credibility — a quality about which the Democrat Party hasn’t given a damn for six decades.

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