Biden Hands $100 Million to Palestinians, 'No Guarantees' It Won't End up in Hamas Coffers

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I’m not an expert on the Palestinians and Iranian-backed terrorist group Hamas, but only an idiot would believe America could send $100 million to “the Palestinian people” and that none of that money would also enrich the coffers of the terrorist group responsible for indiscriminate rocket attacks against civilian areas in Israel, so you figure it out.


The Biden administration has allocated more than $100 million in U.S. taxpayer aid to the corrupt-as-hell Palestinian government and various “aid groups,” raising concerns among critics because the State Department cannot ensure the money won’t reach Hamas.

Biden —> Palestinians —> Iranian-backed terrorist group. You connect the idiot dots.

Here’s background, as reported by the Washington Free Beacon.

State Department officials have thus far declined to outline what mechanisms, if any, it has put in place to stop a tranche of aid money from reaching Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip and is responsible for initiating a deadly conflict with Israel this month.

The State Department admitted this week that it could not guarantee the tranche of money will be kept from Hamas.

“As we’ve seen in life, as we all know in life, there are no guarantees,” a senior department official said, as transcribed by WFB.

So how’s this scenario played out in the past — and what are the prospects for the Biden administration —you ask? Per WFB (emphasis, mine):


U.S. aid money has reached Hamas and Palestinian terrorists in the past, prompting the Trump administration to stop sending aid in 2018. One of Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s first moves after taking office was to resume the aid without preconditions.

That appears to be the case again as the administration commits millions more to the Gaza Strip and United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which allows Hamas to use its facilities. Multiple Republican foreign policy leaders and a top former Trump administration official described the moves as reckless.

They said the State Department’s first priority should be putting stringent barriers in place to ensure no aid money gets to Hamas and its affiliated militant groups.

As I first read the above few paragraphs, I harkened back to the beginning of the previous Democrat globalist president, Barack Hussein Obama.

Remember O’s world apology tour, which consisted of bowing and kissing ass from Japan to the Middle East to — in one hilarious meme — the Burger King? I have never been more embarrassed for my country than at that time. Welp, those times are back, America.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, was among Republican lawmakers most concerned, telling WFB Biden’s fundamental obligation is to the American people:


“The Biden Administration has a fundamental obligation to do whatever it can to prevent American taxpayer dollars from winding up in the bank accounts of terrorists. It is in no way acceptable for the State Department to flippantly offer that this is all a matter of fate well beyond their control.”

Issa also teed off on the administration over its “no guarantees” comment.

“This reinforces the imperative of Congress’ core oversight function, and I hope that the White House provides quick clarification and commits to redoubling all its efforts to ensure that American aid is never handed over to those who would use it to take other people’s lives.”

Former U.N. ambassador under Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, who led efforts to stop American aid dollars from reaching Palestinian terrorists, stated the obvious to WFB — obvious to everyone but Biden and the Palestinian apologist

“America should not be funding problems we’d like to solve.” Hamas and UNRWA ( she said, ) are big problems that make Middle East peace harder. Biden will end up funding both and get less peace.”

Indiana Republican Rep. Jim Banks, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, echoed Haley’s warning, describing the Biden administration’s “no guarantees” admission as “very disturbing,” telling WFB that Biden officials should immediately and “unequivocally tell us that American aid won’t go to terrorists.”


“The State Department needs to safeguard taxpayer dollars and make sure we’re not funding a war against Israel.”

Biden cannot do that, of course, for one simple reason: he can’t unequivocally make that statement. Moreover, he knew he could not make it before he eagerly signed off on the deal, which no doubt brightened the community organizer’s day in the process.

In little more than four months, we have learned and seen reinforced over and over again, like Obama, like Biden. Except Biden continues to make Obama look like a piker.


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