Last Laugh? Trump Blasts 'Psycho' Alec Baldwin in Upcoming Book, Claims Actor Begged to Play His Life Story

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First, a “shocking” announcement to those who’ve convinced themselves that I’m a Trump hater:

I’m with the former president on this one because disgraced Hollywood Leftist Alec Baldwin has long deserved a comeuppance of the “bigly” kind. Hell, let’s just call it what it is: well-deserved karma.


Before we dig into Trump’s upcoming book, “Letters to Trump,” my headline reference to “last laugh” is an allusion to Baldwin’s portrayal of Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” in a “Who’s laughing now, Alec?” kinda way.

Remember the idiocy?


So again, who’s laughing, now? It might not be Trump, given his immersion in “The DeSantis Problem,” but it sure as hell isn’t Alec Baldwin.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, in the upcoming “Letters to Trump,” scheduled for release on April 25, Trump gives top billing to Baldwin and the actor’s “gushy” note to the real estate tycoon and former reality TV star.

The former president wrote of Baldwin:

The young Alec Baldwin wanted to portray my life story in a movie, and every time I saw him, he would say it again and again: ‘I want to play your life story.’

Little did I realize he was a bad seed and that he would play my life in a much different way, and with much less ability than he would have had as an actor versus a ‘comedian’ on Saturday Night Live.

Baldwin penned a handwritten note to Trump, thanking him for “comping” a penthouse suite during a recent trip to New York. The 1998 note reads:

Dear Donald,

For a tough guy in a tough business, you are a sweet and generous man. I could never thank you sufficiently for the use of the incredible penthouse you “comped” us. You’re a gentleman.




Who’d a thunk it?

Politically speaking, it should be noted that Trump flipped party affiliations “back in the day” like IHOP flips pancakes. According to voting records, Trump switched parties at least five times, registering in 1987 for the first time, as a Republican. He switched to the Independence Party in 1991, and less than two years later, switched parties again — this time becoming a registered Democrat.

He returned to the Republican Party in 1999, only to check the box “I do not wish to enroll in a party” two years later. Trump then returned to the GOP in April 2012 — and announced his candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination just three years later, in June 2015.

Make of “all of the above” what you will; my only point is that Trump was a moving political target for most of his life — including as a registered Democrat at the time of Baldwin’s note.

Anyway, Baldwin’s deserved karma is less about the fatal shooting on the ill-fated set of the unfinished movie “Rust” — about which Baldwin insisted he didn’t pull the trigger, but New Mexico prosecutors said he did — and more about the way the arrogant leftist has treated nearly everyone but himself, for decades.


That said, Trump did write about Baldwin’s denial in the book:

With time, I believe Alec became a psycho, a very sick puppy, and it is very hard to believe his story that he thought the gun was unloaded. In any event, I wish him well but I like the young Alec Baldwin — there is nothing good about what the clock has done to him.

Nailed it, Donald — with a touch of class, I might add.

“Letters to Trump” was published by the firm headed by Donald Trump Jr., and family friend and Trump associate Sergio Gor, and has reportedly been a “yuuge” hit in pre-release sales. The book retails for $99 and is available in a signed version for “only” $399.

Perhaps the latter would be the perfect coffee table book for that special “someone” in your life. [winking-emoji]

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