Defense Department Warns Biden's Green Energy Plans Threaten National Security

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Welp, this just got interesting.

The Pentagon, on Monday, warned that Joe Biden’s overreaching so-called “green energy” plans pose national security risks, as reported by Fox News. So now what’s a fossil-fuel-loathing, EV-loving president to do?


According to Fox, the Department of Defense (DoD) recently warned the White House that the administration’s ridiculous offshore wind farm development goals could significantly impede U.S. Naval operations. Pentagon spokesperson Kelly Flynn told Fox News Digital:

The initial assessment performed by DoD found complicated compatibility challenges with wind turbines near Navy and Air Force training. The DoD continues to work with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, industry, and other stakeholders to identify the best locations for development.

Uh, oh — “stakeholders.” A clear indication that the Pentagon spokesperson is a left-winger. [sarc]

Anyway, Flynn continued:

This discussion includes impacts [on]the environment, shipping, fishing, viewshed, and military readiness, and includes mitigation strategies to overcome the impacts. The DoD is committed to facilitating development while protecting national security, as we have done in every call area in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf of Mexico.

In other words, the DoD is still all in on aggressive offshore wind farm development.

Here’s more, via Fox News:

The Pentagon’s warning late last year … came after it similarly warned in 2019 that much of the North Atlantic wind lease planning area was an “exclusion zone.” And a DoD map obtained by Fox News Digital that was published in 2018 identified nearly the entire East Coast as “highly problematic” for leasing.

The maps reportedly show massive acreage blocked off in federal waters near North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. Overall, four offshore wind lease areas proposed by the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) are characterized as “highly problematic” while another two are identified as “requiring further study,” per Bloomberg.


Flynn told Fox that assembling the report and the maps were an initial step in a process and that the Defense Department will “continue to refine” its analysis.

OK, so then what? What’s the next step in the process? More maps? More “studies”? More lip service for the benefit of low-information Democrat voters, as the administration continues its green energy kabuki dance?

In addition to the DoD’s national security concerns, as my colleague Bob Hoge reported here, and here, environmentalists are also at war with offshore wind turbine farms, as dead whales continue to wash up on East Coast beaches. As of March 4, there were more than 25 reported whale deaths — just since the beginning of December 2022.

But, hey— Biden pushes the ever-loving crap of electric vehicles, despite multiple cases of exploding EV batteries and even EV fires killing people, so what’s a few dead whales and national security threats, here and there, when you’re waging a war against fossil fuels? Foolishly tilting at windmills, as it were.

Let’s be somewhat amusingly honest. This whole “green energy” mess puts Biden between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, as Commander in Chief, he swore an oath to defend the United States, while on the other hand, the Pentagon is in weird agreement with climate lunatics — and dead whales.


What’s Joe Biden to do? What ol’ Joe always does — whatever he’s told to do by his radical left-wing handlers.

Meanwhile, billions and billions of taxpayer dollars continue to needlessly be washed down the “green energy” drain, needless threats to national security continue, and dead whales continue to wash ashore along America’s East Coast.

Insanity, as defined by Einstein? Damn right.

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