Mom Tells Congress Teachers Union Sued Her for Asking if Her Kindergartner Was Taught 'Radical Gender Theory'

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Regardless of how many times we write or read about children as young as kindergartners being indoctrinated with the immoral madness of radical gender theory, pronoun self-selection, or explicit sex education, it’s incumbent upon us to continue to stand up and fight back against the insanity.


Rhode Island resident Nicoletta Solas, the mom of a 5-year-old, recently did just that.

Solas testified before Congress this week that the NEA — the nation’s largest, most powerful, and most radical teachers union — filed a lawsuit against her for repeatedly asking for a copy of her child’s class curriculum. The mom also wanted to know whether or not her child was being taught about radical gender theory, which recognizes and affirms identities such as “non-binary,” “gender non-conforming,” “drag queen,” “pansexual,” and “polyamorous.”

In many cases, teachers are also required to use the “preferred gender pronouns” of their students.

Solas said she was told by her child’s elementary school she wasn’t allowed to ask questions without submitting a formal request, so she just kept submitting requests that the school continued to refuse to answer. Next up, she said, the school board threatened to sue her for questioning the authority of her child’s teachers.

Solas told House Republicans the board wanted to send a message to parents: “If you ask questions, we will come after you.”


Welp, the school board didn’t sue Solas — but the NEA did.

North Carolina Republican Congresswoman Virginia Foxx assured Solas that the Republican-backed Parents Bill of Rights would provide legal protection to parents, reassuring the mother:

You have a rock to stand on, and that’s the Constitution.

Who’da thunk not all that long ago that public education would ever come to this?

While the incident involving Nicoletta’s family took place in 2021, she gave her testimony as part of House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy’s Wednesday proposal of the Parental Bill of Rights. The Speaker said in his announcement:


That’s what today is all about: It’s about every parent, mom and dad, but most importantly about the students in America.


So here’s the thing. While McCarthy’s proposal will surely pass the House, whether it will be passed by the Democrat-controlled Senate is up for grabs, at best. Pretending it does, it would then land on the desk of Joe Biden. Would he sign it into law?

Biden received more money from teachers unions in 2020 than any other candidate. You do the math.



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