Noted Climatologist Kamala Harris Explains How Weather and Climate Interact

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When Kamala Harris talks, we listen. Not because she has something brilliant or interesting to say, but because, like a car wreck, we can’t help it; the cringe is just too cringy to pass up. The noted climatologist-meteorologist on Friday explained the interaction between weather and climate to weary Californians.


As reported by the Los Angeles Times, Harris joined state and local leaders at a Los Angeles County site recently upgraded to increase groundwater retention, where they lauded ongoing efforts to improve drought resiliency across California and neighboring states. Harris’s visit came after a series of storms battered the state for weeks, causing fatalities, flooding, and extensive damage — but also provided record-setting precipitation needed in the water-starved West. (Reason no. 7,594 why I don’t live in California.)

The above backdrop was all Harris needed to incisively [sarc] let the hilarity rip, silly hand motions for emphasis, and the whole bit. Ladies and gentlemen, your vice president:

In dealing with the various issues that are present when we look at the climate crisis, we think about water policy. Uh, diversifying water policy. Understanding that we must have the ability to diversify our approach and the resources. Everything in terms of what we do for conservation, recycling, desalinization, and source of water.

This plant and this facility in particular is doing some of the smartest and the most contemporary kind of work that is necessary to store water, understanding that the climate crisis presents exactly what we’ve experienced here in California.


It gets even more hilarious. And by “more hilarious,” I mean utter gibberish:

We’re gonna have days — and sometimes there will be days — with immense water of rains and storms and flooding, and at the same time we are a state that has experienced for generations, droughts.

And we must therefore understand that the issue that are present in the climate crisis are varied — and it requires us to be present and to be in front of each of the iterations and variations that include extreme weather that produces a lot of water and extreme weather that produces drought.

Got it? Hell no, you don’t and neither do I.

What I do get of course — and chances are you do as well — is that I long ago tired of taking the climate loons’ claims apart, one by one, which was tedious at best and a complete waste of time at worst. As is the case with abortion, religion, and other third-rail issues, no one is going to change anyone else’s mind about “the existential threat of mankind.”

Harris referenced “climate crisis” three times in her above comments, yet correctly described “extreme weather” as the cause of excessive rains and flooding — and draughts, as well. So how do you debate these alarmists? You don’t. As with a car wreck, you just cringe and shake your head as you pass by.


Incidentally, as I reported in July, Americans in record numbers are pulling to plug on climate hysteria. Yet John Kerry, Al Gore, Joe Biden, and Joe’s “climate czar” continue to tilt at windmills that don’t exist.



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