'Earnings Potential': Could Joe Biden's Obsession With 'Wealth Creation' Finally Lead to His Undoing?

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In this episode of The Biden Family Business…

Just 18 months into Joe Biden’s vice presidency, he had a conversation with one of son Hunter’s business associates, on whom “The Big Guy” left an indelible impression about his obsession with wealth creation.


So it dawned on the business executive that it was a good time to talk to Joe about his “future earnings potential.” Sounds right out of The Godfather, huh? Read on — it gets even better.

As reported by Just the News, Rosemont Seneca (Hunter Biden’s investment firm) executive Eric Schwerin (one of Hunter’s closest friends) wrote to Hunter on July 6, 2010, in an email contained on the laptop seized by the FBI. Schwerin worked alongside Hunter Biden at the investment firm and also doubled as a financial and tax adviser to daddy Joe. The email reads:

Your Dad just called me (about his mortgage) and mentioned he’d be out a lot soon and not really back until Labor Day. So it dawned on me it might be a good time (that Joe could use some positive news about his future earnings potential!) Does it make sense to see if your Dad has some time in the next couple of weeks while you are in DC to talk about it?

Schwerin asked Hunter to consider meeting with “The Big Guy” soon to discuss the issue:

Does it make sense to see if your Dad has some time in the next couple of weeks while you are in DC to talk about it?

In other words, Schwerin was just as interested in helping Joe Biden create wealth as Joe was to be in creating it. A proverbial match made in heaven? Or the beginning of a slippery slope that may finally — after decades of lies and deception — lead to the downfall of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.? Only time will tell. Here’s more, via Just the News:

By 2016, as Joe Biden was planning to leave the Obama White House, those conversations with Hunter Biden had graduated to “wealth creation” and the founding of a foreign policy think tank, according to emails that have taken on new significance after the discovery of classified documents in Biden’s office and home renewed focus on the first family’s foreign business deals.

Buried in a Hunter Biden laptop now in the FBI’s possession are a series of emails, documents, and messages that explain how America’s first family got so deeply intertwined — especially in 2017-18 after he left the Obama White House — with Chinese interests now under federal and congressional investigation.

Matters under scrutiny include the University of Pennsylvania, which hosted the former VP’s Penn Biden Center and received $47.7 million in gifts and contracts from Chinese sources while Biden worked as a guest lecturer, and CEFC, a Chinese conglomerate that formed a business venture with the president’s son Hunter and brother James.

The most common link to the interests that have landed the Biden family in political hot water was Hunter Biden, who courted the University of Pennsylvania before it hired his father and pursued several Chinese deals, including an investment fund, the sale of a U.S. company that made sensitive technology, and eventually the creation of the CEFC venture aimed at buying up U.S. gas interests for China.


Today, noted Just the News, “both father and son are under DOJ investigation: the president for possible mishandling of classified documents and Hunter for taxes and other issues.”

While skeptics on our side abound, I’ll go out on a limb and predict the Biden Family Business mess is going to get worse before it gets better, due in part to the Democrat Party’s desperate desire to kick Biden to the curb well ahead of the 2024 primary season — regardless of what Democrat lawmakers say publicly.

A year after the 2010 conversation about Joe Biden’s “future earnings potential,” the ever-“entrepreneurial”  Hunter began exploring “investment opportunities” in Communist China. “I don’t believe in lottery tickets anymore, but I do believe in the super chairman,” Hunter wrote in one email exchange (contained on his laptop) in September 2011, referring to a business partner in Hong Kong.

“Your question — ‘Why does Super Chair love me so much?’ is easily answered,” Hunter wrote to then-business partner Devon Archer, who in February 2022 was sentenced to more than a year in prison for his role in a scheme to defraud a Native American tribe of roughly $60 million in bonds:

It has nothing to do with me and everything to do with my last name.

So there it is: Hunter was referring of course to the Biden brand and its connection with “The Big Guy” and his influence — not Hunter Biden’s. After all, how much influence can a crackhead addicted to prostitutes and porn really have on his own? Zero.


Here’s more from Just the News:

In December 2013, Hunter Biden was flying aboard Air Force II with the vice president for a meeting in Beijing, which triggered the creation of an investment fund and occasioned a brief greeting between his father and one of the Chinese business partners.

By 2015, Hunter Biden had facilitated the sale of the Michigan-based auto parts maker Henniges Automotive, which made sensitive anti-vibration technology potentially usable for military fighter jets, to one of China’s main military aircraft makers, Aviation Industry Corporation of China or AVIC.

That same year, Hunter Biden began courting the University of Pennsylvania and its top leader while also receiving a new overture from China that would eventually lead to one of the first family’s most controversial deals, the CEFC energy partnership.

Ah, the CEFC energy partnership — and former Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinki.

As I reported in November, Bobulinski said in an interview at the Fox News Patriot Awards that the best news was Americans will no longer have to “take my word for it” in terms of allegations Joe and Hunter were up to their eyeballs in multiple questionable overseas business ventures:

Hunter Biden, in his own words, [has said] he is putting his entire family’s family legacy on the line to do business with the Chinese Communist Party [via] CEFC. He says that in his own words, in numerous text messages and other things I’ve provided both to the FBI and other whistleblowers, so don’t take my word for it.

The good news is Congressman Comer and Congressman [Jim] Jordan have troves of documents that will corroborate all this  — but 1,000 percent, Joe Biden is “The Big Guy.”


“And I think the American people are going to see those facts, Bobulinski told Fox at the time, adding: “I think they’re going to be shocked by those facts. And hopefully, justice is served.” Hopefully, yes, Tony Bobulinskit was right.

The Bottom Line

I’m not sure who Bobulinkski believed was going to be “shocked,” but anyone with any degree of intelligence who’s watched Joe Biden and his lies through the years, as his net worth has steadily grown (and his hubris has exploded) could clearly see that “The Big Guy” thought — and probably still does, in his addled state — he had the world by the tail.

But the question remains: Could Joe Biden’s quest for wealth finally lead to his undoing? I wouldn’t count on it, but I wouldn’t be shocked, either — particularly given that Joe Biden’s currency continues to plummet within the Democrat Party, if only (for now) mostly behind closed doors.


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