Not a Joke: Race-Hustler Al Sharpton to Hold Summit of NY Black Leaders on State's Rampant Crime

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Lemme just get this out of my system, first. Bringing in race-hustler extraordinaire Al Sharpton to tackle New York’s skyrocketing murder rate and other violent crimes is not dissimilar to hiring independent filmmaker Michael Moore to design a plan to reduce obesity among regular McDonald’s customers.


Nonetheless, as reported by Politico, Reverend Al is organizing a January summit of Black leaders from across the state to “forge a consensus on tackling crime,” after New York Democrats clashed on bail reform and the party lost three House seats to Republicans in midterm elections dominated by public safety.

Before we continue, consider the following:

Black Americans — make that Black Democrat Americans — currently serve in historic numbers in the Empire State, including both powerful elected positions and appointed positions, as well. Among them: the state attorney general, three out of four of New York’s U.S. attorneys, the lieutenant governor, the mayors of New York and Buffalo, New York City’s police chief, and Manhattan’s district attorney. Just sayin’.

To Sharpton’s credit — before I eviscerate him, later — the veteran race-baiter said in a recent interview he’s concerned that Black leaders haven’t met collectively to address New York’s skyrocketing crime rate.

They haven’t been in the room together to talk about crime. Why are we not talking collectively?

Great question, Al. Why haven’t they? One would need to live in Antarctica to be unaware of New York’s runaway violent crime, rampant drug usage, and poignantly, in this case, Black-on-Black murder in the streets. I mean, why would “powerful” Black leaders not get together to discuss the crime epidemic?


Sharpton lauded the number of “Blacks in power,” referencing the first Black New Yorker elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, who took office in 1945.

We have more Blacks in power than Adam Clayton Powell could have ever dreamed about. There has to be some way we can all sit down and say, ‘We may not agree on these 10 things but we can agree on these three things.’

Sharpton was right, of course, but I doubt it will happen. If his assembly of Black leaders begins with the worn-out excuses of “systemic racism” and “police brutality,” and ignores gang activity, Black-on-Black murder rates, lax prison sentences, the rampant release of repeat offenders, and cashless bail, the Rev might as well keep his private jet in its hangar and stay home.

Also to Sharpton’s credit, he recently said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”:

I think that what is being misread is that there is a misreading of wanting criminal justice reform and police reform and in wanting proper policing. And as crimes spike in some areas [with] even more policing, we just elected a black policeman [Eric Adams], the mayor of New York, and he had overwhelming black support.


Setting aside the fact that Sharpton channeled Kamala Harris with that word salad, it does appear that the old race-hustler — and more importantly, New York’s Black communities — do desperately want solutions to the violent crimes.

The question is, will the national Democrat narrative of “white supremacy,” “systemic racism,” and “police brutality” continue to stand in the way of making it happen?


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