Biden Defends Multi-Trillion Dollar Scam: 'We Did So Much, Nobody Knows the Effects Yet'

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Oh, Joe, bless your clueless heart; you don’t even see the irony. Yes, your intentionally destructive policies “did so much” harm to everyday American families that “nobody knows the effects” of how bad things will get–and how long it will take to recover after you’ve vamoosed from office, one way or another.


Biden, on Tuesday, defended his ill-fated “American Rescue Plan” for the zillionth time by arguing that the (at least) $1.9 trillion spending spree helped enable local governments to keep paying their employees (which does zero to help productivity). He also boasted of his additional trillions in spending for government-subsidized health care, manufacturing, infrastructure, and so-called “green energy.”

Biden’s claim was not only nonsensical; it was a direct contradiction of Economics 101: Injecting trillions of dollars into a struggling economy to chase a relatively limited supply of goods and services generally leads to an increase in inflation — not a decrease, as Team Biden disingenuously continues to claim.

Moreover, Biden’s continuing strategy to “fight inflation,” while redistributing billions of dollars of wealth from those who earned it to those who didn’t, ignores the root causes of inflation: fixing monetary and fiscal policy, not increasing government (taxpayer) spending.

Nonetheless, clueless Joe boasted:

We passed the American Rescue Plan. Now everybody knows it, but we did so much, no one knows the effects of it yet. It’s just coming into play. So many things you’re going to find out that we’ve already done that we haven’t been able to actually implement yet.

Really, Joe? Name one. [Cue the crickets.]


Biden being Biden, he continued to pile it higher and deeper:

What’s most exciting about it is people are starting to feel a sense of optimism and the impact of these legislative achievements in their own lives. It’s going to accelerate in the months ahead. We’re going to be the supply chain. And the difference is that we’re going to make the supply chain available to the rest of the world. We’re not going to be hostage anymore.

Setting the lies aside, what the hell does that even mean? “We’re going to be the supply chain and make it available to the rest of the world.” Who writes this stuff? Obviously, handlers who can just shove it in front of Biden and allow him to make a fool out of himself, instead of them.

While he was on a lying roll, Biden even boasted about inflation “starting to slow.”

“That’s good news for the holiday season,” he said, while also admitting that inflation would “take time to get back to normal levels,” and that “we could see setbacks along the way.” So can we, Joe, so can we. Besides, how many times have we heard Biden sing that song? Where’s the beef, Joe?

Biden also tried to identify with the workers in Michigan he was speaking to, comparing them to the people he grew up with in Delaware.

You felt left out for a long time. … The economy left you behind, the industries that are rapidly changing, you were left out. I understand it. My family understands it. Hear me. We’re going to leave nobody behind this time around.


“This time around”? When did the first time happen under Biden’s watch?

Biden’s speech was nothing more than typical Democrat boilerplate bilge, devoid of specifics and designed to hopefully buy time with low-information Democrat voters–until Joe & Co. figure out what to do, next. With the Republicans set to regain control of the House in January, at least Biden, and Chuck Schumer’s Senate majority will be neutered for the next two years. Make that should be neutered.

Then, of course, comes the critical 2024 general election for all of the marbles.

Speaking of marbles, let’s hope that a sufficient number of Republican voters don’t lose theirs and intentionally screw up the presidential election.



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