Doocy Hits WH With Truth on Inflation, Leaves Them a Babbling Mess

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I’m guessing that one of the people who may be looking for another job after the midterms may be White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. Let’s face it, she’s not good at her job. Some people are bad at their job, but they’re good at covering it up or sounding smooth about it. But she just is bad and isn’t very good at hiding it.


On Tuesday, Jean-Pierre had a tough time when Fox’s Peter Doocy once again presented her with some reality that blew apart the malarkey that she was trying to sell.

Doocy asked what was Joe Biden’s top domestic priority — abortion or inflation?

Jean-Pierre tried to avoid the question, saying they were both a priority; inflation was his number one “economic priority.” So, she even refused to say that it was his number-one priority, she had to insert “economic.” They can’t even be straight on what’s the priority–that tells you a lot about how they’re approaching it.

Doocy busts her on that.

KJP responded then that he had made the economy his top priority, and that he was “working” on it “every day.”


She claimed that the American Rescue Plan had “helped get us back on our feet.” No, we were already getting back on our feet under President Donald Trump; that Plan helped spark off the inflation that we’re all suffering from now, and they still wouldn’t admit it.

She says no Republicans voted for it. Yes, that’s a good thing; thanks for highlighting they had nothing to do with the disastrous result. They didn’t “create 10 million jobs” — it’s just incredibly disingenuous that they keep claiming this, when it was just people returning to work after the pandemic. Yet, she continues to brag about spending more — “invest,” as she ridiculously characterized it — as though that’s a good thing in the throes of the worst inflation in 40 years. They still refuse delivery on reality, and keep doing the same things that caused the problem in the first place.

It’s nonsense that Biden is working on it “every day” — none of those Acts do anything to relieve inflation; indeed, they make it worse. If Biden is working on it every day, and it’s still in the horrible condition that it’s in, it means that he should resign–because he doesn’t know what he’s doing and he’s failed.


Doocy was on fire on Tuesday. He next went after that claim about “working every day,” yet Biden denies reality and claims the economy is “strong as hell.”

The only quibble I would have here is that we are already in the recession, as we have reported. Don’t let the Biden team walk away from and redefine reality because they want to paint things in a rosier light before the midterms.

Her response? One heck of a bunch of bull hockey. She just tries to re-package what Biden said, throwing out that thing about being in “transition” and adding “equity” into the equation.

But the bottom line is that their failure to address the real issues means that everyone is getting hit and suffering, particularly the working and middle class for whom they claim to be working. That’s the “equity” that they are truly delivering.


Finally, Doocy asks about Biden draining our oil reserves. KJP’s response? Blame the oil companies, not the Biden attack and the WH’s restrictions on American energy.

They’ll drain our reserves and go begging to dictators who oppress people, rather than letting loose our production.

All they care about is winning the election. They don’t care about resolving the issues and truly making the economy a priority.


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