'We Should Know the Results': Respected Pollster Says All Ballots Should Be Counted on Election Day

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So, here we find ourselves. Again. Some 36 hours and counting after the midterm elections polls closed, the balance of power in Congress still hangs in the balance. The greatest “democracy” (constitutional republic) in history still can’t get it right — much to the delight of the Democrat Party, of course.


With states like Arizona, Nevada, and Alaska taking days to determine midterm election results, the question begs to be asked:

As in the case in many third-world countries, why can’t the United States of America also count all votes on election day?  And with limited exceptions, why can’t mail-in ballot deadlines be set that would allow those ballots to be counted on or before election day, as well?

The answer is “all of the above” could be achieved, save for the objections of the Democrat Party.

Speaking of the Democrat Party, from their histrionic charges of “racism” as a ridiculous excuse to oppose basic voter ID laws to the nearly-unlimited ability to mail in unsecured ballots whenever the hell “voters” feel like it, one thing has been undeniably true for years: Democrats don’t want to make it easier to vote; they want to make it easier to cheat.

After this latest election debacle, influential pollster Scott Rasmussen says it’s time to pull the plug on out-of-control election laws and that overwhelming support now exists across party lines for ballots to be received and counted by election day, as transcribed by Just the News:

One of the 80 percent issues — and there aren’t a whole lot of 80 percent issues in America — one of them is that all ballots should be in by Election Day. We should know the results on Election Day.

Rasmussen told Just the News that an Election Day mandate would make it nearly impossible to have a system like ranked-choice voting — “an alternative voting system that allows voters to rank multiple candidates on a ballot in order of preference.” As a result of this system, Alaskans won’t find out the results of their midterm for several weeks.


I think that system, in theory, sounds fine, but voters are really uncomfortable with it. Alaska is five hours behind us or whatever, but not three weeks. I think this is something we’re going to have to address through the political process.

For example, when you lose the Super Bowl, you lose. You don’t keep stretching it out for a few more games. That’s what has happened in the country today.

If you’re talking about reforms that really have strong support, they are things like photo ID and getting the ballots in by Election Day.

Obviously, Scott Rasmussen is a white supremacist racist. [sarc]

Sarcasm aside, Democrats would howl from the rafters about the kind of true election reform Rasmussen espouses.

As I reported on Wednesday, the much-ballyhooed “inevitable red wave” in the end was more of a red trickle. There were exceptions, of course, as Rasmussen told Just the News, most notably Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, both of whom won convincingly because of how they governed during COVID, the respected pollster said:

The pandemic impact on this race was Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott. They did very, very well, because of their pandemic policies. Governors like Whitmer and Hochul did much more poorly than they might have expected because of their pandemic policy. The way you govern does make a big difference.

It also bears noting that both governors stood strong against “woke” and the Biden Border Crisis™.


The Bottom Line

We can put red lipstick on a pig as much as we want — which some in the media continue to do — but the red wave that wasn’t should sound an alarm for conservatives across America.

Two years of Joe Biden’s disastrous presidency and the Democrats’ radical agenda should have combined to make the “red wave” look like a walk in the park. It did not — and there are issues within the Republican Party itself that played a role in why it didn’t.

We can reform all the election laws we want, gang, but tens of millions of anti-GOP-nominee votes in 2024 won’t be changed by changing voting laws. That responsibility is up to true conservatives across America who love this great country more than any one candidate. Let’s not screw it up.


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