'Journalist' Aaron Rupar Thinks It's Racist for 'Lots of White People' to Attend a Trump Rally in Iowa

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Oh, the humanity! The blatant racism! As self-proclaimed “journalist” Aaron Rupar sees it, that is.

Yeah, so pending presidential candidate Donald Trump held another Trumpapalooza on Thursday night, this one in Sioux City, Iowa. Did I mention that according to the 2020 census, Iowa is 84.5 percent white?


Anyway, so along comes race-baiting Rupar with the Ridiculous Stretch of the Day™:

lots of white people at the Trump rally in Sioux City

Wow. Really, Aaron? Given that “only” 8.5 out of every 10 Iowans are white, how odd. [rolling-eyes emoji]

Dude — were you lonely, bored, irritated over something unrelated, or what? Here’s the thing, my man:

According to Pew Research, Donald Trump got just 6 percent of the black vote in the 2016 election. But in 2020, he improved his performance among black voters by 25 percent, increasing his 2016 percentage of black to 8 percent, based on exit polls, while several outlier polls showed Trump with 10-13 percent of the black vote. But let’s just stick with the 8 percent and make the following argument.

While sure, 8 percent is still just 8 percent, but if Trump were the crazed “white supremacist racist” the left continues to do does its damned to sell to the public, why did his percentage of the black vote increase by 25 percent in 2020 vs. decrease by 25 percent or more? Care to weigh in, Aaron?


It bears noting that the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research’s compilation of voting data from previous presidential elections provides appropriate historical context.

Democrat presidential candidates over the five presidential elections preceding 2020 averaged 91 percent of the black vote, with 8 percent on average going to the Republican candidates. In other words, Trump’s 2020 percentage of the black vote was consistent with that of Republican presidential candidates over the 20-year period prior to 2020. Again, Aaron — any observations about “racist” Donald Trump?

The Bottom Line

As we’ve seen for decades, the Democrat Party — despite all of its self-assigned, ginned-up inclusivity labels — has been the Party of Division™ for six decades, really kicking it into gear over the last 40 years. And what better line of division has existed for millennia than race and ethnicity? To think does not attempt to exploit this reality is naive or ignorant of the facts.

The Democrat Party has exploited black America, election after election, making promises it never intended to keep, yet convincing black voters and other minority voting blocs that while Democrats fail to deliver those promises, the Democrat Party stands vanguard against the evil Republicans and their evil (“racist”) intentions.


Donald Trump spent four years attempting to break the race-baiting mindset, which he did, if ever so slightly, by increasing his percentage of black supporters in 2020, despite the election’s outcome. That said, Democrats must continue The Big Lie™ to continue winning elections. It really is that simple.

And, Aaron Rupar? He’s nothing more than a run-of-the-mill race-baiting hack.


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