HOT TAKES: 'Journalist' Aaron Rupar Tries Trolling Ron DeSantis, but It Backfires

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Democratic “independent journalist” Aaron Rupar is known for posting different interviews, mocking Trump during his rallies, and always trying to have that “gotcha” moment, especially by using videos that are out of context. So he thought it would be a good idea to post the video of DeSantis speaking at a Texas high school on Tuesday.


As my colleague Sister Toldjah reported, DeSantis was speaking at a high school in Pasco County, and he was attempting to recruit teachers by calling on retired Florida veterans and first responders who have bachelor’s degrees to join the school system. Rupar posted that video of the Flordia Governor, thinking it would be a “gotcha” moment. It backfired badly.

Here is the clip that Rupar posted on Twitter:

Here is a little background about DeSantis’ proposal. As my colleague stated, here are the benefits of retired veterans and first responders becoming teachers.

– First responders who have their bachelor’s degree will have fees waived for the state certification exam, receive a $4k bonus & an additional $1k for those willing to teach specific subjects (science, reading, ESE, etc.)

– Teacher apprenticeship program: Floridians with associates degree will get 2 years of experience in the classroom under a mentor and go on to receive their bachelor’s degree. Mentors will receive a $4k bonus for every apprentice.


– Scholarship program: Help current high school teachers earn their master’s degree so they can teach dual enrollment at their current campus.

DeSantis said: “Just like we do for veterans, we will do for the other first responders … We will waive the exam fees for the state certification program.”

These are all good things that Floridians should take pride in. This is not the first time they have tried to ridicule DeSantis for doing something good, such as Florida’s fatherhood bill, the parental rights in education bill, and the bill to increase support for foster parents and former foster youth.

As mentioned earlier, Rupar’s tweet backfired. Here are some of the responses Rupar received.


The far-left base and their “journalists” like Rupar do not like to see these kinds of legislation being passed in Florida and signed by DeSantis because deep down they know that they are good for the state, which could be a launching pad for a Presidential run. Rupar will likely continue posting out-of-context videos for attention, but this video, in particular, caught the attention of many, and it backfired on him. Currently, the video has 708,000 views.

This legislation is a good thing, no matter how much Rupar wants to twist it into something it’s not.


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