WATCH: Kamala Harris Blatantly Lies About Her Promotion of Fund That Paid Bail of Violent Criminals

Kamala Harris lies about past support for Minnesota Freedom Fund. (Credit: GOP War Room )

If we know one thing about Kamala Harris— other than she’s done worse than nothing as vice president, babbles incoherently, and cackles her cringeworthy cackles — it is that the woman not only lies with impunity, she smiles her smug smile while doing so. Moreover, much of what Harris lies about is disgusting.


The latest example of Harris’s blatant lying came in a recent interview with WCCO 4 News in Minneapolis when she denied she promoted the infamous Minnesota Freedom Fund, a non-profit that bailed out violent criminals in the Twin Cities, many of whom were charged with murder, sex crimes, and other violent felonies — most notably in the aftermath of the George Floyd riots, as tens of millions of dollars poured in from the radical left. Harris called the accusations against her “misinformation.”

Here’s how that went down when the interviewer broached the subject:

The Minnesota GOP is holding a press conference this afternoon to criticize you for your support a couple of years ago — before you were the vice president — of something called the Minnesota Freedom Fund that was really set up to help those who were arrested in the aftermath of the George Floyd riots; helped them get out.

It’s since morphed into something else and has been used to help people get out who’ve been accused of many other crimes. Do you have any thoughts about this?

Harris responded in her typical word-salad fashion, first rambling on about her support for “peaceful protests” — smiling, no less.

Well, first of all, I am a child of parents who marched for civil rights in the 1960s in America. And I have always been and will always be a supporter of peaceful protests. Many peaceful protests over the history of our country have led to an expansion of rights, and, um, an expansion of civil rights. So that’s where I stand on peaceful protests.


Memo to Kamala: You were not asked about your position on peaceful protests. Next came the blatant lie, via blaming her accusers for the correct accusations about her:

Unfortunately, what we’re seeing is people are playing political games, right now, when we’re 18 days away from midterms, and we’ve sadly not seen a lack of misinformation and disinformation, and think this is another one of those examples.

That, ladies and gentlemen of America, was a 100-percent, unadulterated, bald-faced lie. And as the trite, worn-out shtick says, we’ve “got the receipts” to prove it.


So let’s get on with those “receipts,” shall we? On June 1, 2020, Harris tweeted a direct appeal for donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

If you’re able to, chip in now to the @MNFreedomFund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.

I’m confused — is this “misinformation” or “disinformation”?

Among those who criticized Harris at the time for her promotion of the MFF was Arizona Republican congressional candidate Josh Barnett. He lost in the primary, but his condemnation of Harris and the notorious fund was spot-on:

You’re a disgrace to our nation!


That, she was — and remains.

The actions of the MFF speak louder than words. As my colleague Jeff Charles reported in September 2020, the Minnesota Freedom Fund helped bail out six men who were accused of domestic violence.

According to The Daily Caller News Foundation, the individuals who were freed on bail are alleged to have committed some rather heinous acts. “Two of the men allegedly strangled women in their own homes, and all but one had been previously convicted of domestic violence, court records show.”

Another man is accused of “beating his girlfriend upwards of six times with a closed fist.” Court records show that “all but one of the individuals had been convicted of prior domestic violence-related charges when the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) helped bail them out of jail.”

And as I reported, just days before my colleague’s report, the MFF bailed out a man accused of penetrating an 8-year-old child. 

The Minnesota Freedom Fund, actively supported by Harris — in addition to at least 13 Biden campaign staffers — not only bailed out a man accused of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl but also posted bail in August for a man accused of assaulting a 71-year-old woman as he burglarized her home, as well as a man who allegedly stomped on another man’s head and robbed him in the streets of Minneapolis — on the very same day George Floyd died while in police custody.


Finally (for now), as my colleague Brittany Sheehan reported in August, “Minnesota’s Alpha News reported that Shawn Michael Tillman of St. Paul was charged with murder just weeks after he was bailed out on an indecent exposure charge by the progressive Minnesota Freedom Fund.”

More misinformation and disinformation, Kamala?

Or maybe, the misinformation and disinformation came with your plea to “chip in now to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota”? No— wait. The misinformation and disinformation came from those who called you out for promoting the MFF, right?

Kamala Harris is a blatant liar, as we’ve shown you, once again. Other than Joe Biden — make that along with Joe Biden — dishonest, do-nothing, Kamala Harris is a malfunctioning cog in the misfiring engine of the most disastrous presidential administration in modern history if not all time.


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