Yo, Democrat Party: 80 Percent of Voters Oppose Gender 'Reassignment' Surgery on Children, Why Not You?

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This turned out to be an unwittingly interesting week, for me. I wrote an article on Wednesday about a veteran physician assistant who was fired for refusing to follow “gender-reassignment procedures,” based on her religious beliefs.


On Thursday, I reported on a U.K. hospital canceling critical surgery for a sexual assault victim who specifically requested all-female care, which was promptly denied. Similar stories abound, yet nearly 80 percent of voters oppose so-called gender-reaffirming surgery for minors.

The question is, why does the Democrat Party continue to refuse to listen?

A national survey conducted by The Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action asked 1,079 likely voters: “Do you believe underage minors should be required to wait until they are adults to use puberty blockers and undergo permanent sex change procedures?” As reported by Newsmax, 78.7 percent of respondents, comprised of Democrats, Republicans, and independents said children should “wait.”

Incidentally, the antiseptic-sounding, politically-correct term “gender-reaffirming surgery” is irreversible mutilation of one’s body, including double mastectomies, hysterectomies, and castration. Other forms of so-called gender-affirming procedures, as suggested by the survey question, include hormone therapy and puberty blockers.


Mark Meckler, president of the Convention of States, told Newsmax that gender reassignment surgery on minors “defies common sense.”

This polling confirms the obvious — the vast majority of Americans are not on board with the far-left’s sexual agenda, which is seeking to permanently mutilate the young and vulnerable.

The idea that young people have to be 16 to drive, 18 to vote, and 21 to drink, and yet can undergo life-altering medical procedures in middle school defies common sense, and the American people see that clearly.

So why doesn’t the Democrat Party clearly see it? Unlike political pundits who appear to know “everything,” including things that haven’t yet happened — only to later “forget” their incorrect prognostications — I’m not completely sure why Democrats are dying on the hill of so-called transgenderism.

Although, I am sure that the Democrats must stitch together a patchwork quilt of disparate minority groups to form a majority if they hope to win presidential elections, and sometimes to a lesser degree, statewide elections. But here’s the other question:


At what point do the Democrats realize their that radical agenda is costing them dearly?

As poll after poll suggests, Democrats are going to get thoroughly thrashed in the midterms, likely losing the House majority and possibly the Senate majority, as well, with less than three weeks to go. So again, why the intransigence on transgenderism? Dogmatic ignorance? Misplaced bliss, or blindness? I don’t know and I don’t care. Moreover, let’s hope the Democrats continue to do exactly what they’re doing.

Let’s also not screw up the 2024 presidential election, while the Democrats continue their herculean efforts to hand it to us on a silver platter. As Tom Petty sang, “This doesn’t have to be the big get-even.”


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