UK Patient Needing Life-Saving Surgery After Assault Says Hospital Canceled It When She Objected to Trans Nurse

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The slippery slide to God-knows-where continues…

We reported on Wednesday about a Christian nurse practitioner in Michigan who was fired from her hospital job of 17 years after refusing to follow so-called gender-reassignment procedures — against her faith — as part of mandatory diversity training, leading to a lawsuit against the hospital filed on her behalf.


Today’s somewhat similar story is even worse.

A London, U.K., hospital reportedly denied critical surgery to an assault victim who specifically requested all-female care, only to be caught off guard when a biological male — who “identifies” as “female” — wearing a blonde wig and make-up, arrived for a pre-op assessment that involved intimate procedures, according to The Daily Mail. After her requests, Princess Grace Hospital told the anonymous woman it had to “protect staff from unacceptable distress,” and canceled her operation. Read that sentence again, if your hair isn’t already on fire.

The patient, a feminist and retired lawyer, referred to only as “Emma,” had been scheduled for complex colorectal surgery on October 10 and had completed a pre-admission form detailing her requirements, including single-sex accommodations, and said she didn’t want to “use pronouns or engage with such manifestations of gender ideology.” Emma told Daily Mail:

I was not going to agree to fill in reams of hospital paperwork about my non-existent “gender identity” or give my pronouns to anyone.

It appears that Emma’s got game. 

The incident is currently being investigated by HCA, Princess Grace Hospital’s parent company. Emma said she urgently requested an all-female nursing staff after the traumatic encounter with the biological name nurse:

I began to wonder if it was just a coincidence that this member of staff with a ‘gender identity’ had made their presence felt to me in such an inappropriate way during my first visit. I began to suspect that I had been targeted because my patient records showed that I refused to use pronouns and wanted single-sex facilities, although I have no evidence of this.


Emma soon began to “panic,” she said:

Then I began to panic that men would be attending to my intimate care at the hospital while I was immobilized for an entire week following major surgery. It was a slow, dawning realization. I felt sick. Alarm bells were ringing in my head. I cannot describe the fear that I felt. I cannot rationalize it.

She also wrote to HCA to stress that she believed mixed-sex hospital facilities are dangerous to women.

I do feel that the hospital should follow a protocol of offering ALL women patients single-sex nursing care. Please do not make life difficult for women when they are at their most vulnerable by forcing them into uncomfortable and embarrassing situations. I cannot believe that I am the first patient to have raised this with you.

HCA’s response was as repulsive as one might expect, given the story, so far. Princess Grace Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer Maxine Estop Green emailed Emma back, telling her the surgery was canceled, even though Emma urged the hospital to keep the surgery appointment, suggesting they must have misunderstood her legal requests.

The hospital’s bottom line: It would grant Emma a private room but wouldn’t honor her request for female-only nurses after her surgery, insisting they must protect the staff — not the patients, of course — from “discrimination and harassment.”

Emma’s take on the entire incident couldn’t have been more spot-on:


I am still in a state of shock at this punitive and discriminatory reaction by the CEO of this hospital which specializes in women’s procedures. Everything that has happened is so off the wall and irrational. They will punish anyone who tells the truth. Women’s safety, dignity, and privacy continue to be sacrificed on the altar of this quasi-religion.

The retired lawyer said the hospital’s actions were singularly about “appeasing men who claim a gender identity,” adding that she couldn’t believe this was happening in the United Kingdom.

Yo, Emma — take a trip across the pond and check out the goings-on in the former colonies. If you’ve paid a modicum of attention to the news, you’ll hardly be surprised when you get here.


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