Report: Christian Physician Assistant Fired for Refusing to Follow 'Gender Reassignment' Procedures

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In this episode of The Left’s Attack on Christianity Continues…

Christian Physician Assistant Valerie Kloosterman insists she’s never “used pronouns contrary to a patient’s wishes” during her 17-year career at University of Michigan Health-West, or had to “refer anyone for gender transition’ drugs or surgery.” As reported by The New York Post, Kloosterman was ordered to do both as part of mandatory diversity training after a takeover in 2021, according to a lawsuit filed on her behalf by the religious rights law group First Liberty.


Kloosterman requested an opt-out because of her religious beliefs while offering a “workaround” by using names instead of pronouns where necessary, according to the law. Instead, reads the lawsuit, she was called “evil” and a “liar” — and a diversity manager “blamed her for gender dysphoria-related suicides.”

Is this sick enough, yet?

The veteran physician assistant was fired weeks later, in August 2021, over the “dispute about hypotheticals” that had never come up in her work outside of the training module, the lawsuit said:

The letter explaining her termination listed three reasons for firing Ms. Kloosterman, all of which directly related to her sincerely held religious beliefs about gender identity and to her conscientious objection to assisting in the provision of certain ‘gender reassignment’ drugs and procedures.

“If not for Ms. Kloosterman’s religious beliefs about gender and sexuality, she would not have been fired,” the suit insisted. She told Fox Digital she was “heartbroken.”

I’m heartbroken. I had 17 years that I spent with patients and families, coworkers who sometimes I spent more time with than I did with my own family. And they took that away. They took away the relationships that I had built up, and the people who trusted me for their care. It was over something that could have easily been accommodated based on the University of Michigan’s focus on being inclusive.”


Kloosterman told Fox she was, in effect, caught in a catch-22 dilemma.

There was mandatory training that all employees were required to take with a multitude of questions. Two of the questions that year were very specific in confirming that gender was fluid, and I had to select the box. It was not an option for me to state my concerns, and I could not complete this mandatory test without answering that question the way they wanted me to based on the university’s belief, and so I raised my concerns.

Kloosterman said that after going to her supervising provider office manager with her objections, she was forwarded to UMH-West’s department of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), which allegedly led to a tense meeting:

I said I’m a Christian, which means I’m a Christian physician assistant, and I cannot answer these questions in good conscience to God and understanding the harm it can do to my patients; this is not fair. The meeting became hostile. I was called evil. I was called a liar. And I very compassionately gave my point of what my concern was from a medical standpoint from my medical judgment, as well as in good conscience to God, and I should never have been asked to compromise my faith to be able to do my job.

Therein lies the blatant, obscene hypocrisy of the left. Leftists judge the rest of us based on their warped versions of tolerance, diversity, and inclusivity. We must be “all of the above” to their so-called “morals” and inclusivity, and when we are not, when we are not, we are ridiculed, dismissed as irrelevant, fired, and if possible, destroyed. The new world of the Orwellian Left has no place for dissenters. Period.


Kloosterman’s lawyers said of University of Michigan Health-West:

Defendants targeted Ms. Kloosterman for termination because she requested an accommodation for her religious beliefs. Defendants also violated the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment, as incorporated against the states via the Fourteenth Amendment, when they granted secular accommodations to other employees regarding common drugs and medical procedures while failing to grant a religious accommodation to Ms. Kloosterman regarding much more rare drugs and medical procedures.

As I suggested at the top, the left’s attack against the values and morals of most Americans is also an attack against the religious freedoms of Christians in particular, vs. adherents of other faiths. After same-sex marriage became the law of the land on June 26, 2015, suits were filed against Christian churches that refused to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies. Similar suits were filed against Christian bakers who refused to bake wedding cakes for same-sex couples, and even Christian pizza shops that refused to cater same-sex wedding receptions. My salient point? Remember the filing of similar lawsuits against Mulsim mosques, bakers, and restaurant owners? Me, neither.

The Bottom Line

Physician Assistant Valerie Kloosterman was allegedly called evil and a liar by the very people whose evil deceit and hellbent desire to destroy America as the moral and patriotic among us know it continues to metastasize across this God-given country. If we don’t destroy it, it will ultimately destroy us. 



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