Leftist Minneapolis Mayor Makes Even Keith Ellison Raise an Eyebrow Over Comment on How Easy It Is to 'Buy a Gun'

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When a gun grabber makes a ridiculous statement that makes even a hard-left gun grabber like Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison raise his eyebrows, you know you’re in for a real treat. Welp, gun-grabbing, leftist Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is our latest huckleberry. (More on “huckleberry” later.)


Anyway, as reported by the Daily Wire, the Minneapolis mayor made a moronic comparison on Wednesday, while whining about the ease of buying firearms in his city. (The irony already abounds, right?)

As Frey sees it, its “easier to buy a gun than a fresh apple” in Minneapolis, the city where months of Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots — AKA “peaceful protests” — began, resulting in the torching of businesses, looting, and indiscriminate murders in the aftermath of George Floyd’s demise.

The underlying issue is that there are areas in the Twin Cities, in Minneapolis, where it is easier to buy a gun than a fresh apple. Why is that? There aren’t gun shops in Minneapolis.

Hmm. Great question, Mr. Mayor. Do law-abiding gun owners sneak into Minneapolis in the dead of night and sell their legally-obtained firearms to bad people intent on doing bad things? Or, maybe the guns themselves sneak into the city and look for the aforementioned bad guys.

Wait — I got it.

“The majority of firearms used in criminal activity are obtained illegally,” says David Chianese, a correspondent at Law Enforcement Today and former NYPD detective. Moreover, says Chianese, “stricter or additional gun laws do not reduce gun violence,” as reported by American Security Today:


A recent national survey of prison inmates aged 18 to 40, published by Preventative Medicine, found that only one in 10 bought the firearm involved in the act that resulted in them being jailed.

A 2019 survey conducted by the Department of Justice (DOJ) found that some 43 percent of criminals had bought their firearms on the black market, 6 percent acquired them via theft, and 10 percent made a retail purchase – 0.8 percent purchased a weapon from a gun show.

“Statistics show that those individuals committing ‘mass killings’ during ‘active shooter’ events do so utilizing weapons that have been obtained legally by themselves or a friend or family member,” observed Charles Marino, CEO of Sentinel Security Solutions.

“Statistics show that those individuals committing what is known as ‘street crimes’ are typically doing so by utilizing weapons that have been initially stolen and may have further traded hands in the black market.”

Yet, left-wing gun-grabbers like Frey, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and most of the Democrat Party and its lapdog media do their damnedest to convince low-information voters and Democrats — wait, that’s redundant — that so-called “gun violence” could be stopped or curtailed by banning certain firearms, altogether. The hilarious part, of course, is the scarier that various firearms look, the more apt they are to murder people all by themselves. You know, pretend “assault rifles” and other “weapons of war.”


As I mentioned at the top, the look on Ellison’s face after Frey made the ridiculous “fresh apple” comparison was priceless.

This silly episode was not Mayor Frey’s first ride on the crazy train. In 2020, he proclaimed March 10 as Abortion Provider Appreciation Day in Minneapolis.

Every day, abortion providers … deliver high quality care in the face of harassment and threats to abortion access at the federal and local levels. I’m proud to recognize today as Abortion Provider Appreciation Day to celebrate Whole Woman’s Health as an essential part of our community.

Far be it from me to search for logic in the illogical collective mind of the left.

To purposely digress, let’s settle the “huckleberry” vs. “huckle bearer” argument, here and now. Val Kilmer’s Doc Holliday did indeed say “huckleberry” in the iconic movie, “Tombstone.” It was not only written in the script; “real life” Doc Holliday used the term as well. Apologies for the digression. Sorta.

Now, I will close with this:


A political party that rabidly defends on-demand abortion until birth, but seeks to blame inanimate objects for violent crime–while refusing to rationally focus on demographic statistics, mental health care deficiencies, cashless bonds for repeat violent offenders, and jail cells that might as well have revolving doors–is a party devoid of honesty and moral integrity.

As the old saying goes, “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” Yet, the Democrat Party fiercely defends the “right” of people to kill unborn children. Very confusing — and very sarcastic. But also very true.


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