NBC's Chuck Todd Laughably Insists More Illegal Aliens Will Solve Inflation

Katherine Frey/The Washington Post via AP, Pool

As we reported in late August, NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd’s decidedly leftist bent has led the longtime host to the precipice of being kicked to the curb, as top NBC execs continue to try to “fix” MTP’s ratings disaster. Today’s episode is an example of why Todd’s in trouble.


During Todd’s “Data Download” segment of Sunday’s show, the multimillionaire host, who hasn’t lived in the real world for decades, promised to explain “why immigrants crossing the border could actually be a solution to our inflation problem.”

Uh-huh. Later in this article, I’ll explain why Chuck Todd is full of crap.

When Todd returned to the topic, he immediately blew off the concerns of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and other border state governors about the continuing Biden Border Crisis and record influx of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, even though the number of Border Patrol “encounters” has surpassed the two million mark since Biden took office. “Getaways” push the number significantly higher.

Todd snarked, as reported by NewsBusters:

Over the last few weeks, Republican Governors have been shipping asylum seekers to more liberal-leaning Democratic enclaves. Trying to send a message that they think migrants are a political problem for Democrats.

Wrong, Chuck. Abbott and DeSantis have two primary goals, both of which have worked, masterfully.

First, to demonstrate to Democrat city leaders the serious problem created as the influx of illegals continues to decimate border towns. Second, and most brilliantly, to illustrate the left’s complete hypocrisy when illegals show up on their doorstep. Such was the case when residents of the upscale liberal enclave of Martha’s Vineyard became apoplectic when just 50 illegals showed up on their island, prompting them to ship out the illegals within less than 48 hours. Sorry, Chuck — try harder, next time.


This is where Todd got hilarious — by demonstrating his economic ignorance.

But in fact the data shows us that more migrants could actually help solve one of the country’s most pressing problems.

Do tell us, Chuck.

Even before the pandemic, migration in the United States had been slowing. We started the last decade at almost 700,000 migrants coming into this country in 2010. We hit a peak of just over a million in 2016. When Donald Trump got elected, it dropped all the way down to 247,000 thanks to the pandemic.

Stop the tape. So, Donald Trump’s enforcement of U.S. immigration laws, and his “Remain in Mexico” policy weren’t responsible in large part for the sharp decline in illegal immigration; it was the COVID pandemic that did the trick? Right. Donald Trump could’ve singlehandedly cured cancer and the left — along with the Never Trumpers — would’ve shredded him for putting oncologists out of work.

Todd continued:

And you can see the labor force participation rate. It’s been dropping, we were at 63.4, we’re still sitting at 62.4.

One percentage point by the way, represents 2.6 million people missing from this workforce. And guess where these workers are missing from? They’re short 45,000 workers in Boston, they’re short under 400,000 in New York. They’re short 170,000 in Washington, D.C., even Miami, is short some 20,000 there.

So the point is, these migrants could actually be helping our labor force problem, which would help our supply chain — which could help inflation.



As the old saying goes, “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bulls**t,” right Chuck?

Let’s get real, here. Republican members of the House Ways and Means Committee in a May 2021 Fact Check blog post said Biden made it easy to turn down jobs and still receive unemployment benefits — while Biden said at the time: “We’re going to make it clear that anyone collecting unemployment who is offered a suitable job must take the job or lose their unemployment benefits.”

But Biden’s own rule did allow people to turn down jobs and still receive unemployment benefits, even when states denied benefits to those turning down jobs. Hence, as the Fact Check post reported, as of May 2021, a record 8.1 million job openings showed employers struggling to hire.

Toss in Biden’s never-ending “COVID relief checks,” and there’s the real story — totally ignored by Todd.

Todd also “forgot” another reality, which I was told (again) just recently by a legal immigrant from the Dominican Republic — a reality millions of Americans and legal immigrants continue to face. Illegals without papers are often underpaid by employers, many of them under the table, at a substantially lower hourly rate than they’d be forced to pay “legal” employees to remain competitive. Regardless of what Joe Biden and Democrats — and Chuck Todd — say, the job market is hardest hit by illegal immigration.


Never mind, though; facts don’t matter to the left. But laughably claiming even more illegal aliens flowing into the U.S. would solve inflation flies in the face of demonstrable reality.



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