'Cancel Rent'? As COVID Eviction Moratoriums Expire, 4 Million Renters Expect to Be Kicked to the Curb

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First, Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats successfully passed student loan “cancelation” legislation, ridiculously and purposely misnomered, “student debt forgiveness.” Next up, rent “cancelation”? As pandemic eviction moratoriums expire and rent payment relief programs end across the U.S., about 8.5 million people are behind on rent as of the end of August, according to Census Bureau data.


Of those 8.5 million renters, nearly four million say they are somewhat or very likely to be evicted over the next two months. Hence, can demands for rent cancellation be the next big Democrat wealth-redistribution scam, demanded by people who have been programmed to believe housing is a “right,” regardless of one’s ability to pay for it?

As reported by MSN, a combination of soaring inflation, the end of most eviction moratoriums, rental assistance payments, and an extremely low vacancy rate, has pushed rents up — and many renters out. (See: Bidenomics and Bidenflation) According to Zillow, rents topped $2,000 a month in June for the first time on record. Hence, 3.8 million renters behind on rent, as I suggested above, expect to be kicked to the curb.

Here’s more, via Daily Wire:

In Southern California, landlords have described the nightmare situations they found themselves in when eviction moratoriums allowed their tenants to stay and not pay, sometimes for years.

One Pasadena couple said they were unable for months to collect rent from a tenant who leased a new car and allegedly frequently buys new clothes and gets food delivered. Another couple purchased a house last summer in nearby Carson. Months later, they still could not move in as a tenant from the previous owner refused to leave. Yet another couple in Riverside, California, was unable to move into their new house when the sellers became squatters and continued to live in the home for more than a year.

In New York, one woman lived rent-free in the trendy West Village in Manhattan for more than three years, making life hell for her landlord, who was also her roommate. She was finally evicted this week.

In some places like Los Angeles County, the local government also has been sluggish in disbursing emergency funds to landlords who lost money when tenants stopped paying.


Similar accounts exist across America, as evictions continue to spike in major (Democrat-run) cities. In Tampa, according to the Eviction Lab at Princeton University, evictions in August were 52 percent above average, while in Houston, they were 90 percent above average. And then we have Minneapolis-St. Paul — where “peaceful protests” first erupted over the death of George Floyd — rents were 94% above average.

Given the history of the Democrat Party and its buck-passing history (the buck-passer in chief was unavailable for comment), it’s not inconceivable that Democrats will now blame property owners for the failure of tenants to pay their rent, is it not?

Then, not unlike Biden’s ultimate capitulation to student loan “forgiveness” demands, can rent “forgiveness” demands now gain even more traction, at which point Biden and the Democrats will again cave like cheap tents, to wingnuts like AOC, Bernie Sanders, Lizzie Warren, and Ayanna Pressley?

In Joe Biden’s America, anything radically left-wing is possible.

Particularly when related to pandering and exploitation — and the ballot box.


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