Multiple Texas Counties Issue 'Declarations of an Invasion' in Response to Escalating Border Crisis

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While Texans are mighty proud of their “Don’t mess with Texas” declaration, Joe Biden has been mightily messing with Texas since his first day in office. The Biden Border Crisis has now escalated to the point that judges in multiple Texas counties are issuing declarations of an invasion, effective on Tuesday, in response to unprecedented challenges from the escalating surge of illegal aliens into the Lone Star State.


Leading the effort, as reported by The Center Square, is Kinney County Judge Tully Shahan, the first Texas county judge to issue a disaster declaration in 2021 over the worsening impact of Biden’s illegal alien invasion, prompting other county judges to issue similar declarations.

In addition to Shahan’s efforts, Kinney County attorney Brent Smith has asked Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton to take steps to act under Article 1 of the Texas Constitution.

Shahan and Smith said in a press release, as transcribed by The Center Square:

We are taking unprecedented steps with the hope of encouraging Gov. Greg Abbott to acknowledge the existence of an invasion on our border with Mexico and take necessary actions to preserve and protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Texas.

In addition, Smith told The Center Square that Kinney County supports Abbott’s efforts, while Abbott supports the efforts of Kinney County officials, as well.

Gov. Abbott recently acknowledged the fact that unprecedented times require unprecedented action from both state and local governments in order to protect our citizens.

As such, several border counties have taken unprecedented action and declared an invasion on our border with Mexico.

This coalition of counties support Gov. Abbott’s efforts and request he stand alongside us and declare an invasion and swiftly act to protect Texas.


As my RedState colleague Nick Arama reported in June, border detentions reached their highest level in 21 years, also a 674 percent increase over the final year of the Trump administration, when only 23,327 illegal aliens were detained. But detentions are one thing; illegal aliens released into America’s interior are quite another.

So how bad is it?

As reported by RedState’s Jeff Charles in April, more than one million illegal aliens have been released into the country since Biden took office, many on “secret” flights in the dead of night. That reality alone would lead to Biden’s impeachment in the House and conviction in the Senate in saner times. Then again, in saner times, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. would not be the president of the United States.

Back to the business at hand. As noted by The Center Square, Goliad County Judge Mike Bennet, who also announced a “declaration of an invasion,” and County Sheriff Roy Boyd, have been aggressively pursuing cartel-related trafficking activity coming from the border. While Goliad County is 200 miles north of the border, Boyd told The Square that his county has a historically important role to play in defending Texas from foreign invasion.

From the time of Texas [sic] independence from Mexico until today, Texas has played a key part in American growth and exceptionalism. The rugged individualist mentality of Texans is what spurs us to take matters into our own hands instead of huddling in the protective shadow of the government waiting for answers and permission that may never come.


We are compelled to act within the constitutional limits set by our forefathers in order to preserve the way of life they envisioned and we enjoy. We act today, in the face of government complicity, in order to try to ensure that our children and grandchildren are free citizens in the decades to come.


As to Sheriff Boyd’s reference to increased drug cartel activities under Biden, Gov. Abbott’s office in April announced that efforts by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and other state agencies have led to more than 236,000 migrant apprehensions, along with almost 14,000 criminal arrests — and more than 11,300 felony charges. Over 3,800 weapons and almost $30 million in currency have been seized.

And here’s arguably the most important statistic: In the ongoing battle against America’s real pandemic, deadly fentanyl, DPS has seized over 300 million lethal doses throughout the state.

Finally, the Center for Renewing America issued a statement praising the Texas county judges and sheriff — and also taking a well-deserved shot at Biden and his administration.

While our southern border is faced with historic devastation, today, it is met with historic leadership. For the first time in U.S. history, several counties in Texas, outside of Congress, have declared an invasion – a constitutional solution we have been advocating for over a year.

While it’s unfortunate the Biden Administration has aided and abetted the destruction at the border and put Americans last on the world stage, we’re proud to stand with the history-making county judges, sheriffs, and attorneys who didn’t rely on the federal government, or even the governor, to protect their families, ranches and communities.


Meanwhile, Joe Biden continues to tilt at windmills.


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