Biden Has Inspired Drug Cartels to Manufacture More Media Outrage Against Border Patrol

AP Photo/Felix Marquez

When President Joe Biden told America that he’d make U.S. border patrol agents “pay” for an incident that didn’t actually happen, the Mexican drug cartels took notice and they’re now devising plans to create situations where agents have to utilize force. The hope is that our own media will get a hold of these pictures and give Democrats even more excuses to weaken our border.


The story began with Twitter and the media got ahold of photos with border patrol agents attempting to wrangle illegal immigrants from horseback. To the untrained eye, it looked as if the agents were using whips on the migrants but it was quickly made clear that the leather straps in the hands of agents were whips but simply the reins of a horse. Eyewitnesses, including the photographers who snapped the photos, made it clear that no whipping happened.

Regardless, Democrats and the media began making it seem as if this were a return to pre-civil war days of slavery. Of course, as more information came out, the media has had to walk back its claims with the latest being the New York Times and Axios.

Despite these corrections, the damage is done and millions of people think border patrol agents are just whipping people and that’s great if you’re a Democrat running on the narrative that American is a racist, cruel place and abuse of authority figures is a rampant problem.

It’s also really good news for the drug cartels who are reportedly putting plans together to create more media outrage in order to force Democrats to weaken the border further.

According to Fox Nation’s Lara Logan, agents on the border have received intelligence that cartels have ordered smugglers to force border patrol agents to react to their activities and appear as if the agents are using excessive force.

“BREAKING: Acc to law enfcmt in RGV Texas, BP agents advised latest Intel from cartels: after Biden response to horse patrol, cartels ordered their smugglers to force BP to react/appear to use excessive force & record. Cartels will push to media to force more agents off the line,” she tweeted.


Moreover, cartels have received word that Biden has effectively abandoned the U.S. border patrol and that no support will be coming to help them secure the border. Agents now expect things to get much worse.

Let’s break this down, because the implications are many.

We have a border crisis that has boiled over thanks to an administration that has proven it doesn’t care about border security and is more than willing to let the problem get worse by punishing border agents for doing their job. To make matters worse, one of the biggest threats to America, the Mexican cartels, has learned that our media is so predictable in its ideological pursuit of narrative driving for the left that it has now learned to use it against the American people.

They will manipulate the media, and the media is so ideologically driven that it will happily go along with it in the full knowledge that it’s happening. It will lie to the people with first impressions, force Democrats who are equally willing to never let a crisis go to waste further tie the hands of border patrol agents, then quietly walk back their claims once the dust settles.


All the while the cartels will smuggle drugs, sex slaves, and children across the border as border patrol agents and Americans watch helplessly from their televisions.

At this point, it’s clear that Democrats want this to get worse and they’re getting their wish.

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