Ibram Kendi Makes Ridiculous 'Slavery' Comparison With 'Right to Have Guns,' Pushes CRT Nonsense

Other than abortion, due to a probable upcoming decision by the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, no other issue garners more attention from both sides of the aisle than guns — the Second Amendment and the right of law-abiding citizens to bear arms.


As reported by my colleague Streiff, the Supreme Court on Thursday morning handed down a 6-3 decision, authored by Justice Clarence Thomas, that delivered a huge victory to law-abiding gun owners, including the affirmation of Second and Fourteenth Amendment rights to protect an individual’s right to carry a handgun for self-defense outside the home.

As RedState also reported, Democrats promptly lost their minds over the decision.

Enter, Boston University Professor Ibram X. Kendi, an apparently intelligent, though terribly misguided dude. The “noted” advocate of Marxist-derived Critical Race Theory has inadvertently made a perfect case for the Second Amendment while attempting to attack… the Second Amendment. 

Let’s do a spoiler, first, just to demonstrate how foolish this guy’s train of thought was. Then we’ll do “the rest of the story.” On Sunday, Kendi told “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan there is a link between the “freedom to enslave” and the “freedom to have guns.” No, really.

Enslaved people were fighting for freedom from slavery, and enslavers were fighting for the freedom to enslave, and in many ways, that sort of contrast still exists today.

There are people who are fighting for freedom from assault rifles, freedom from poverty, freedom from exploitation, and there are others who are fighting for freedom to exploit, freedom to have guns, freedom to maintain inequality.


Hold the bus, here, professor. Let’s break that down a bit — with the really easy parts, first.

Are there more people “fighting for freedom” from being shot in the bloody streets of Chicago’s Southside on a daily basis, than those “fighting for freedom” from made-up guns that don’t exist (AR-15s)? Yes. And are there more innocent bystanders killed by stray bullets, some of them, young children asleep in their beds, at night? Fighting for the freedom to stay alive? Fighting for freedom to reach adulthood? Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

And are there more law-abiding gun owners “fighting for freedom” to protect their Second Amendment rights than “fighting for freedom” from “weapons of war”? Of course, there are.

Finally, Mr. Professor, here’s the easiest question of all:

If slaves throughout history would have been armed, as were their enslavers, might history have unfolded differently? “Freedom” from gun ownership is “freedom” to be enslaved. Enslaved by those who would deny or curtail our rights — whatever those rights might be. History has tragically shown us time and time again that disarming a populace never turns out well for the disarmed populace.

Anyway, Kendi being Kendi, he also went full-metal CRT, including “white supremacist ideology,” claiming 3-year-olds begin “attaching skin color to positive or negative traits.”


The way that we protect our kids from [white supremacy] is ensure they can identify white supremacist ideology and the way they can identify white supremacist ideology is to teach them about it. .

There’s no way they’re going to be able to protect themselves from it just like they can’t protect themselves from cars. They have to understand to look both ways whether they’re teenagers or young people so they won’t get harmed.

At 3 years old, kids are attaching skin color to positive or negative traits. I want us to counteract that as parents.

Listen, while I don’t possess nearly the degree of genius as that of Ibram Kendi [rolling-eyes emoji], I have been a critical half of raising two kids. Both of them, when they were very young, had black friends in the neighborhood who were — and remain, today — among their closest friends. Anecdotally, it was apparent to my wife and me, early on, that none of these kids saw color in any of the other kids.

But today? After eight years of Barack “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon” Obama purposely dividing America along racial lines, and now Joe Biden and the Democrat Party, accompanied by their sock-puppet media, telling us white people as a whole are born racist; that so-called “systemic racism exists” in all white people. That we must proactively practice and promote anti-racism — to atone for “whiteness.”


Call me a “white supremacist,” but that is messed up, as hell.

The ugly truth is this. The real enslavers live on the left. They always have. And the further to the left they live, the more they try to enslave — with a vengeance. For Kendi to suggest that “the freedom to have guns” is tantamount to “the freedom to enslave” is an insult to the intelligence of freedom-loving people of all races.

Then again, so is all of radical leftism.

You can watch the full segment below:


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