Jonathan Turley Schools Professor Who Claimed Uvalde Police 'Didn't Give a Damn' About 'Predominately Brown' Kids

Jonathan Turley Schools Professor Who Claimed Uvalde Police 'Didn't Give a Damn' About 'Predominately Brown' Kids
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One of the common mistakes made by conservatives about the left is that they believe the nonsense they spew — particularly the elitists among them. They do not. They spew it mostly for the useful idiots in the lapdog media, and for the consumption of low-information Democrat voters who dutifully buy it hook, line, and sinker.

A perfect case in point:

“ProfB,” presumably Anthea Butler, self-described on her Twitter account as “Head Historian of Religion on Twitter” and “Columnist at MSNBC Daily,” without having the least understanding of why, said it best: “So since no one else will ask, I will.”

Only “approved followers” can see her tweets,” but the following screenshot will do the trick:

Did those children die because most of them were Mexican American and the police didn’t give a damn about a school with predominately brown kids? I mean, because it’s Texas…and if you think everyone who isn’t white is illegal…

How many kinds of stupid was that? We’re going to count the ways in a second, courtesy of noted legal analyst and professor at George Washington University Law School, Jonathan Turley — not exactly a raging conservative.

Turley needed just two tweets to eviscerate Butler and her idiocy, beginning with a quick demographic lesson about Uvalde, Texas.

Critics have pointed out that Uvalde Police Chief Daniel Rodríguez is Latino as is Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Police Chief Pedro Arredondo.

Many of the officers at the scene were Latino and there were officers with children at the school and among the dead.

Um, Anthea? And you’re a “blue-check,” too. Who knew?

Next on the agenda for Professor Turley, the subject I touched on at the beginning of this piece. Butler and other leftists like her are fully aware that they can spew incendiary nonsense, solely for the purpose of inciting anger — or even violence — with no fear of repercussion.

Professor Butler knows that she can write and advocate without fear of university actions to remove her. That is precisely what all faculty should enjoy as a matter of academic freedom and free speech. However, it is a privilege often exercised selectively today.

As Turley correctly observed, leftist educators can lie, incite, or mislead, without consequences — which they exploit the hell out of — while conservative educators or anyone who dares to challenge the left cannot. To believe otherwise is to be blind, naive, or both.

To Professor Turley’s point — and the dishonesty or idiocy of ProfB — Uvalde County Sheriff’s Deputy Felix Rubio’s 10-year-old daughter Alexandria “Lexi” Rubio was among the 19 dead children.

So, help me out, here, ProfB — did Deputy Felix Rubio not “give a damn” about his own daughter because she was “brown”? You leftists are very confusing.

The bottom line:

To paraphrase Anthea Butler, since no one will say it, I will. She is a race-baiter of the worst kind. She either ignorantly mouthed off without so much as checking out the demographics of the law enforcement officers and agencies involved, or knew damn well she was lying — and that low-information Democrats would buy her lies.

Sadly, I’ll go with “B.”

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