NY Judge Shoots Down Activists' Attempt to End 'Gifted and Talented' Program in One-Paragraph Ruling

In this episode of “The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations”…

A New York state judge this week shot down an activist organization’s lawsuit against New York City’s Gifted and Talented (G&T) program in a single-paragraph ruling, noting that such decisions are better left to state legislatures–and ultimately, voters.


As reported by the Washington Examiner, IntegrateNYC in its lawsuit claimed the G&T program created a racial “caste system” through a school curriculum that “centers white experience.” In addition, the activists accused the City of “failing to recruit diverse staff and dismantle racism.”

Call me stupid, but after eight years of Bill de Blasio in the mayor’s office, and now, Eric Adams in the role, it puzzles me that such a “caste system” that “centers on white experience” can “still” exist in the hot mess that NYC has become under these two guys.

The lawsuit, which Mark Rosenbaum, one of the plaintiffs’ lawyers, called “the first case in the nation to seek a constitutional right to an anti-racist education,” was dismissed by New York Supreme Court Justice Frank P. Nervo on Wednesday in a single-paragraph ruling, as transcribed by the Examiner:

The legislature, not the judiciary, is the proper branch of government to hear petitioners’ prayers. The petition improperly seeks this Court to make education policy and, therefore, presents a nonjusticiable controversy.

Exactly. Not to mention, the hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds. On one hand, we have the left ridiculously decrying “the end of democracy” in America because the U.S. Supreme Court appears poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, believing that individual states and their citizens have the constitutional right to make their respective decisions on abortion, yet anti-racist activists in New York turning to the judicial system in search of judicial activism when they don’t get their way through the legislative process.


How does one square that circle? It cannot be done. Period.

As to IntegrateNYC and all left-wingers, the judiciary — be it local, state, or federal — is viewed by the left as nothing more than a political tool to be used to advance its political agenda. Hence, judicial activism. And when the courts don’t “behave”? The left tells us what they really think about “justice.”

But let’s get back to the business of Gifted and Talented programs, as contrasted with the soft bigotry of low expectations I referenced at the top, with a simple question: How does lowering academic standards for “gifted and talented” students benefit students at the lower end of scholastic achievement?

How does dumbing down educational standards for smart kids help “less-smart” kids? As RedState reported in August 2021, for example, Oregon Governor Kate Brown eliminated reading, writing, and math proficiency standards for high school graduation? Who did that help and how?

The ugly truth? The radical left truly believes that protecting certain groups or individuals from the “embarrassment” of failing to achieve various educational benefits somehow protects those kids.

#ProTip to the left: The real world does not operate that way. Job requirements, career objectives, promotions, and a host of other standards are not established based on one’s race, color, or degree of intelligence. How long have we heard Democrats preach about “leveling the playing field”?


Yet now? The left pushes us to unlevel the playing field — helping nobody and harming everybody. Meanwhile, China continues to spit out physicists and mathematicians like crazy.

But, doggone it, America’s colleges are super concerned with protecting self-gender identification, the use of “proper” pronouns, and “dumbed-down” education systems where everyone wins an equal prize.

God, please help us.

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