As Record, Illegal Alien Surge Begins, Border Agents Forced to Use 'Proper,' LGBTQI+ Pronouns

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In this episode of “As the Biden Border Crisis Band Plays On”…

As I reported on Friday, Border Patrol agents have already nabbed more than one million illegal aliens along the southwest border in Fiscal Year 2022. And if predictions prove correct, we ain’t seen nothin’, yet.


A quick look at the numbers illustrates how an already out-of-control crisis continues to worsen.

Nearly 8,000 illegals were apprehended last Wednesday, breaking the single-day record in the southwest sector. And while the liberal lapdog media is fond of splashing young migrant children all over our television screens, nearly seven in 10 illegals picked up since October 1 have been single adults. Sources report that limited removal pathways (see: “Biden did that”) only exacerbate the difficulties for Border Patrol agents, who continue to face wave after wave of illegal border crossers.

Even CNN — The Most Trusted Name in News™ [rolling-eyes emoji] — in late March predicted a record-breaking surge of illegals in the coming months. But fear not, Texas, Arizona, and the rest of America! Your president is on it.

As reported by John Solomon, founder and CEO of Just the News, Customs and Border Protection officers have been given a new directive: they must now use proper pronouns for LGBTQI+ illegal aliens. The new requirement was included Thursday at the end of a much larger announcement by the Homeland Security Department concerning changes instituted on International Trans Day of Visibility.

Facilitating effective communication at U.S. ports of entry and beyond: CBP has provided a job aid and memorandum to all staff that will serve as a guide for facilitating effective communication with the diverse public CBP serves, including LGBTQI+ individuals.

The guidance includes using gender-neutral language and an individual’s self-identified pronouns and names.


“The guidance.” Uh-huh. Wonder what will happen to agents who refuse to follow that “guidance”?

The change comes as the Biden administration continues on its hellbent path to destroy America as we know it. In this case, by pitting one American against another in many cases — over “failure” to observe one or the other’s preferred pronoun. The cardinal sin of misgendering. 

The State Department on Thursday announced that US citizens will be able to choose “X” as their gender, rather than “Male” or “Female,” on their passports. In a similar move, the Transportation Security Administration on Thursday announced new “standards” for screening transgender, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming airline passengers at airport checkpoints. Changes will include:

  • Reducing the number of pat-down screenings (What could possibly go wrong?)
  • Streamlining identity validation (Same question)
  • Making TSA PreCheck more inclusive to include an “X” gender marker option on its application
  • Updating its Transgender, Nonbinary, and Gender Nonconforming Passengers web page to provide information to the traveling public on all gender-related updates

Do you suppose the Biden administration knows, or gives a damn if it does know, how much of the rest of the world — principally, our greatest adversaries — continues to laugh at a once-great country, now subjected to the never-satiated silliness of radical leftism? Not a chance. And defiantly so.

The bottom line:

Remember the first time you read about “safe spaces”? How you felt about the notion of this magical place where butthurt snowflakes could flee to find solace in times of great distress, whether from the slightest of imaginary transgressions or the worst aggression ever visited on a human being? A veritable “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” meets “One [Many] Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” if you will.

And the result? More and more snowflakes became “validated,” became “victims” of “microaggressions” and other such nonsense. Nonsense they were previously unaware even “existed,” in many cases.

So who’d a thunk, in just a few short years, we’d come to this? Moving from “safe spaces” to a point where those same butthurt snowflakes break down into (pick one, or more) hissy fits, puddles of goo, faux fits of outrage, left-wing-loon condescension. etc., over being “mislabeled” with the “wrong” damn pronoun? “Misgendered,” I mean.

The answer is anyone who pays any attention at all to the ridiculous insidiousness of the rabid left and its hellbent insistence that the rest of society conforms to their ridiculous world of make-believe. And the even worse part is they’re not done. The left is never done. It never sleeps. It is not dissimilar to a spoiled-brat child who rants, raves, and whines for more. Always more. And when it gets more? It wants even more.

Sorry, lefties. I’ve been sitting this one out for a long, long time.

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