Maher Reverts to Form, Says Clarence Thomas Doesn't 'Represent the Majority of Black Thinking'

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It’s true, you know. Sooner or later, people return to form. Examples abound.

As RedState reported on Friday, West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin — the erstwhile fave of “conservative” keyboard warriors everywhere for refusing to back Joe Biden’s disastrous Build Back Better bill — announced he will support Biden’s controversial Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, all but assuring Jackson’s confirmation, likely in April.


Also on Friday, HBO “Realtime” host Bill Maher, a recent favorite of conservative pundits (yours truly, included) for ripping his own party and its radical agenda on a regular basis, changed gears and said many Republicans “would be thrilled to have no black seats” on the Supreme Court, before criticizing Geoge W. Bush for nominating Clarence Thomas to replace Justice Thurgood Marshall because Thomas “didn’t represent the majority of black thinking in America.” As transcribed by Breitbart:

We have the first black woman, let’s go back, for some of the people who don’t remember this also … we’ve only had two, Thurgood Marshall, 1967. When he died, it was George Bush … was president, and so, they accepted the idea that there was now a black seat on the court and that’s how we got Clarence Thomas.

Now, I thought it was not exactly cricket to give the black seat to someone who didn’t represent the majority of black thinking in America. But here’s the difference. At least they accept it. George Bush did, the idea of at least one black seat on the court, right? I think today’s Republicans would not do that. I think they would be thrilled to have no black seats on the court … a lot of them.

What a stupid thing to say.

Memo to pseudointellectual liberal comedian: Black Supreme Court Justices are not supposed to “represent the majority of black thinking in America” any more than white Supreme Court justices are supposed to “represent the majority of white thinking in America.”


Imagine, for a nanosecond, the histrionics on the left if, say, Tucker Carlson criticized Stephen Breyer or Elena Kagan because they don’t “represent the majority of white thinking in America.” Blistering attacks on social media, immediate calls for Carlson’s firing, boycotts, CNN and MSNBC in apoplectic meltdown. The whole hypocritical bit.

Second memo to liberal pseudointellectual liberal comedian: What Clarence Thomas does represent is Constitutional jurisprudence and adjudication at the highest level, as intended by the Founding Fathers. KBJ has no real concept of either. The woman refuses to define woman because she’s not a biologist.

A complete crock of crap and Jackson knew it when she said it.

Ketanji Brown Jackson knows exactly how a woman is defined by science but refuses to say so because she’s a left-wing radical who supports the ridiculous notion that allows biological males to kick the hell out of biological females in women’s sporting events, and more.

Perhaps worse, Jackson has long advocated for lax sentences for child porn offenders, arguing that minimum sentencing requirements should not exist at all because she fears offender status can lead to “stigmatization and ostracism,” driven by a “climate of fear, hatred, and revenge” against sex offenders. (Victims of child sex offenders were not available for comment.)


Anyway, not one of your better moments, Bill. Look, we all knew you’d eventually revert to form.

I’m just surprised by how stupidly you did so.

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