Biden's DHS to Drop 16,000 Afghan Refugees—Right Next to Loudoun County Schools

I know. Try to control your shock and amazement.

In yet another troubling consequence of the unconscionable Biden Afghanistan Debacle™, the Biden administration without warning this month told Loudoun County, Virginia, officials that the Department of Homeland Security plans to “process” 16,000 Afghan refugees —1,000 at a time —at a convention center right next to a Loudoun County high school and middle school.


Retribution against Loudoun County parents for angrily confronting arrogant school board members over Critical Race Theory? Would Corn Pop’s pal really stoop low enough to do something like this?

I report; you make the call.

As reported by the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard, Sheriff Michael Chapman said in a statement on Thursday that DHS officials from the department’s Federal Protective Service said that up to 1,000 at a time would be temporarily housed at the National Conference Center in the ritzy Lansdowne area east of Leesburg.

The Sheriff’s Office added, per the Examiner:

On February 4, 2022, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office received an unannounced visit by the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Protective Service in which it learned that approximately 2,000 Afghan refugees, per month, were slated to arrive at the Washington Dulles International Airport during a window beginning as early as February 19, 2022, and extending to September 2022.

DHS/FPS regional personnel advised the refugees would be transported by bus to the National Conference Center where they would stay until their ultimate relocation elsewhere in the United States. [In other words, just like Biden continues to ship illegal aliens — without alerting state or local officials — across the country in the dead of night.]

It’s unclear whether 1,000 or 2,000 refugees will be housed for a significant period of time.

Chapman also wrote that “DHS/FPS advised that the refugees will be provided cash and cell phones from non-government organizations and be required to remain on the NCC grounds.”


“Required to remain on the NCC grounds.” Sounds good on paper. Just one question: How many (if any) of the 16,000 refugees will have been thoroughly vetted before being dumped next door to two schools, let alone dispersed across the country?

To that end, Chapman said the DHS lacked key details, and several of his questions were (“shockingly”) not answered by top Biden officials, especially those on security and communications with locals. (Again, just like the shipments of illegals.)

In addition, noted the Examiner, while the public has welcomed former Afghan officials, notably translators, who helped the U.S. throughout the War on Terror, locals have “raised significant security concerns about language barriers and background checks.”

Chapman echoed those concerns.

Refugees had been carefully vetted and many served as translators. However, when asked how, if in fact, they served as translators when only 30% of the refugees spoke English, DHS responded that many of the incoming refugees were family members of the translators.

In other words, it appears that DHS was sketchy at best in the vetting — or lack thereof — of family members of translators and former Afghan officials. What could possibly go wrong?

So, here’s the deal, in a Biden nutshell:

The most inept president in at least modern history ignored or dismissed advice from his generals and other top military advisors, and jerked American forces out of Afghanistan, virtually overnight, abandoning the strategic Bagram Air Base in the process without so much as a heads-up to the then-government of Afghanistan or even America’s NATO allies, some of which also had armed forces in-country.


Even worse, Biden abandoned an untold number of American citizens behind enemy lines at the mercy of the most brutal terrorist organization on the planet.

And now, we’re seeing it play out in American communities, just as the shipment of illegal aliens continues to play out — both of which are 100 percent the purposeful fault of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

Should we be disgusted? Damn right. And angry? Oh hell, yes, we should.

And we need to remember. (See: “2022 midterms,” “2024 presidential election.”)

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