Meghan and Harry Insert Themselves Into the Spotify-Rogan Controversy

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Veteran, 76-year-old rocker Neil Young was bad enough. Seventy-eight-year-old Joni Mitchell soon followed. In yet another “devastating blow,” 71-year-old Peter Frampton came next. Oh noes, how will Spotify survive?


But now, in what might prove to be the death blow to Spotify, the ex-royals of ex-royals — attention-craving Harry and Meghan — have announced that they too will join the Joe Rogan protest and boycott the audio streaming and media services provider. But first a bit of background.

The left has long accused Rogan, host of “The Joe Rogan Experience” — the most popular podcast in the world in 2021— of spreading COVID “misinformation” and “anti-vaccination rhetoric,” calling Rogan’s efforts everything from “a sociological issue of devastating proportions” to names I can’t write, here.

The controversy came to a head in a December episode, when Rogan’s guest was Dr. Robert Malone, a noted virologist, and immunologist whose recent work has focused on mRNA technology — of which he was a pioneer — pharmaceuticals, and drug repurposing research.

The left, ever-threatened by facts, data, science, or anything else that flies in the face of Fauci-created hysteria about all things COVID, views Malone, who has also been banned by Twitter, as a direct threat to their continuing, histrionic COVID pandemic fairy tale.

So back to Harry and Meghan.

Harper’s Bazaar royal editor Omid Scobie on Sunday tweeted a statement from a spokesperson for Harry and Meghan, along with a heavy dose of his own editorializing.

In light of the ongoing controversy [as created by whom?] surrounding Spotify’s continued support of Joe Rogan, whose podcast has spread proven misinformation [wrong] about Covid-19 vaccine efficacy, a spokesperson for Archewell (Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s foundation) says:


Oh, do tell us.

Since the inception of Archewell, we have worked to address the worldwide global misinformation [news we don’t like] crisis. Hundreds of millions of people [including the 147 people who still watch CNN and 38 viewers of PMSNBC] affected by the serious harms of mis- and disinformation [facts and truths we don’t like] every day.

Last April, our co-founders began expressing our concerns [threats, no doubt] to Spotify, about the all too real consequences of COVID-19 misinformation [facts and science that flies in the face of the Fauci-ism narrative] on its platform.

We have continued to express our [woefully unqualified] concerns [threats] to Spotify to ensure [that] changes to its platform [based on our left-wing narrative] are made to help address this public health crisis [our fear of the truth].

Harry and Meghan are certainly not Lone Rangers in their ridiculous narrative, but I can’t help but think their addiction to attention is at least partially at play, here.

Harry being Harry, he claimed in November that prior to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, he warned then-CEO Jack Dorsey that Twitter was being used as a conduit by “plotters” of a “coup,” and that Dorsey never replied.


Oh, well — and to think that the “insurrectionists” came “that close” to toppling the United States government. [Rolling-eyes emoji]

The bottom line:

While “has-been” recording artists like Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and Peter Frampton boycotting Spotify might be a joke on social media — and the Harry and Meghan thing is just silly — the Swedish audio-streaming company’s capitalized value (cumulative stock price) has declined by roughly $2 billion — from $35 billion — since the Young boycott began. That the left has the desire and ability to all but blackmail a company into submission based only on the left’s false narrative is far from a joking matter.

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