WaPo Ridiculously Tries to Blame Everything but Biden for Empty Store Shelves

In this episode of “Joe Didn’t Do It, You Can’t Prove It, He Wasn’t Even There”…

The comedic efforts of the Democrat Party and its obedient sock-puppet media to prop up the spectacularly failing Biden presidency never fail to amuse. This effort is one of the latter’s recent best, with “this” being complete absolution of hopelessly hapless Joe for the supply chain crisis and continuing instances of empty store shelves across America.


In a Washington Post article titled Four reasons you’re seeing empty grocery store shelves, food reporter Laura Reiley splains to us troglodytes why it ain’t Joe’s fault, America — so stop saying it is.

Spoiler: Toilet Paper Shortage 2.0, according to Ms. Reilly?

“The omicron surge, extreme weather, and record December sales are among the reasons that the toilet paper aisle is looking shaky again.” Zero mention of the B-word. Nor is there throughout.

Reiley begins by correctly observing it’s “barely 2022 and already social media is swamped with pictures of empty grocery shelves — from cream cheese to paper towels, children’s juice boxes, and cat food.”

(Did I mention it’s not Joe’s fault?)

Some of the culprits of this round of shortfalls, said Reiley, are the same as in the early days of the pandemic (yes and no), and some can be chalked up to new problems bumping up against old ones. (Those “new ones” having nothing to do with Biden whatsoever, of course.)

(See: “Not Biden’s fault,” “no way,” etc.)


So what factors does Reiley cite as reasons for continuing shortages? Not Biden.

Here’s Reiley’s take, beginning with the omicron surge, per WaPo:

Omicron surge.

She cited the impact of the omicron variant on several supermarket chains.

The omicron variant surge has meant more work for stores — more deep cleaning, a return to masking, and social distancing — just as more employees can’t work and are calling out due to illness or quarantine.

In a Monday call with 27 food industry chief executives, Geoff Freeman, CEO of the industry organization Consumer Brands Association, said more employee absences were reported in the past two weeks than in all of 2020, according to WaPo.

Then this, as an example:

Covid has swept through supermarket chain Stew Leonard’s, which has stores in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. Some 200 of its 2,500 employees are out sick or in quarantine, said owner Stew Leonard Jr. [Leaving 92 percent of the workforce unaffected, you mean?]

“It puts a challenge on us,” Leonard Jr. told WaPo.

For example, on making every kind of pizza you want: The pineapple and ham pizza, we’ve decided not to make. And most manufacturers out here have done the same thing. Everyone is hit with a shortage of labor. Some because of the Great Resignation, but a lot of it is the omicron surge.

Oh, the humanity! Not the pineapple and ham pizza!


And the Great Resignation?

More than 38 million Americans left the workforce in 2021, some of whom might have left low-paying jobs in favor of better pay, while millions of others remain on the sidelines in the proverbial “fat, dumb, and happy” category after receiving month after month of “free” (taxpayer-funded) COVID checks to stay home. 

Winter weather.

Any guesses where this is headed, per Ms. Reiley? (Emphasis mine)

Winter storms dumped more than a foot of snow across parts of the Mid-Atlantic just after the New Year, and sweeping weather systems have made road conditions difficult in many parts of the country in the past two weeks.

[Fine. So you’re suggesting that only areas hit by severe winter storms — “climate change” — have experienced empty store shelves?]

For example, the 20-plus-hour traffic jam last week on Interstate 95 near Stafford, Va., paralyzed a fair number of grocery delivery semi-trucks.

“The winter months are always challenging,” said Doug Baker, vice president of industry relations for FMI, a food industry organization. “But we’ve seen weather patterns that we’re not used to in terms of frequency and magnitude, from the West Coast to the East Coast.”

[Yup. The “existential threat of our lifetime” is def to blame.]

And there it is. If you’re having trouble procuring toilet paper (again, still, whatever), America, two words: climate change.

Baker also blamed consumer psychological problems “caused” by “bad weather” shortages.


Supply chain snarls.

Reiley blamed supply chain “snarls” from production shutdowns in China and the UK, among other countries, for lack of retail inventory, also insisting that fresh fruit and vegetables shortages have primarily been caused by concerns over “food safety.”

Just one problem. Millions of Americans consistently blame Biden policies for bottlenecks in the domestic supply chain.

Last, and certainly not least — but for sure the funniest:

More people eating at home.

People! Stop buying so much damn food, taking it home, and EATING IT! What the hell is the matter with you? Via the brilliance of Ms. Laura Reiley, the food lady:

A combination of factors from rising inflation to surging omicron cases are prompting households to eat at home more — meaning grocery stores are being inundated with shoppers once again.

Grocery sales climbed more than 8 percent in December, according to national retail sales tracker Mastercard SpendingPulse.

Stores are still restocking from that surge and have been struggling to keep shelves fully stocked in several categories since the beginning of this year, according to data firm IRI’s consumer packaged goods supply index. [Uh-huh. Now you’re just sounding silly.]

“We’re seeing a lot of restocking and replenishment going on,” said Jessica Dankert, vice president of supply chain for the Retail Leaders Industry Association.

The heavy shopping season has come at a particularly difficult time, coming out of the holiday period, when families traditionally cook more at home anyway.

[Um, the holiday season and all of its traditions have been going on how long? I’ll wait.]


The bottom line.

To be sure, multiple factors are to blame for empty grocery store shelves and the continuing supply chain challenges.

But absolving Biden of all culpability, which is precisely what his administration, the Democrat Party as a whole, and the sock-puppet media have consistently done since day one of his occupation of the Oval Office, remains laughable in its ridiculousness.

Meanwhile, Corn Pop’s pal mumbles on.

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