Biden's Effort to Explain Supply Chain Crisis Goes off the Rails

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When the media tried to sell Joe Biden as just this nice old man that everyone could feel comfortable with, that was such a false picture. Anyone watching during his campaign could see what a nasty character Biden could be just from how he would treat voters including snapping at them, calling them names, even cursing at one and threatening to take him outside.


Since Biden has been in office, he’s often thrown off all pretense when it comes to how impatient he is. Perhaps one of his biggest faults is never being able to admit when he’s done something wrong. With the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, for example, Biden blamed everyone else, even the Americans he left behind. As we reported earlier, Biden snapped at a reporter on Saturday, bizarrely screaming about payouts to illegal aliens. But that wasn’t the only special moment that Biden had with reporters yesterday.

A reporter, noting a comment from Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) that he wasn’t elected to be FDR but rather to not be chaotic, asked: How did he view his “mandate” after the results of the elections on Tuesday? He didn’t even begin to answer the question. Instead, Biden insulted both Americans for their failure to understand the supply chain crisis (according to him) and reporters for their failure to explain it to Americans. But then, when he tried to explain it, basically what you got was one long, incoherent ramble. This definitely takes something to try to wrap one’s head around.


What — like, for example, if I had — if we were all going out and having lunch together and I said, “Let’s ask whoever the — whoever is at the next table, no matter how — what restaurant we’re in — have them explain the supply chain to us.” You think they’d understand what we’re talking about?

They’re smart people. But supply chain — “Well, why is everything backed up?” Well, it’s backed up because the people who supply the materials that end up being on our kitchen table or in our — in our fam- — our life — guess what? They’re closing those plants because they have COVID. They’re not —

And so, it’s a complicated world that people are facing. We’ve never faced anything like this before. I mean, I’m not saying it’s the worst of every time in American history, but we never faced anything this — this, sort of, defiant of understanding of what’s going on.

And you can understand why people are upset. And I — whether you have a PhD or you’re — or you’re working, you know, in a restaurant, it’s confusing. And so, people are understandably worried. They’re worried.

And so, all I can say is: What I’m going to try to do is explain to the American people, as best I can —
And, by the way, you all write for a living. I haven’t seen any one of you explain the supply chain very well. No, no, I’m not being critical. I’m being deadly earnest. When your editor says, “Explain the supply chain.” Okay? “Lots of luck in your senior year,” as my coach used to say.



Does anyone feel like Joe Biden clarified anything with this incoherent ramble? About the only thing I could get out of that mess is that he thinks it’s because plants were closed because they had COVID [no, that’s not even close to being an explanation] and that he thinks his job is to “put people at ease.” That’s not your job, but you surely haven’t done anything at all to put people at ease.

The real problem here? He doesn’t know how it works. So he’s trying to cover his own ignorance by declaring everyone else ignorant. If he thinks it needs to be explained, why does he have so much trouble trying to explain it?

Biden claimed he had one focus: how to take pressure off Americans so they could get back to normal. Pro tip, Joe? Forcing mandates and rising prices don’t “take pressure off Americans.”

Biden also appeared to claim that everyone internationally uses “Build Back Better” now because of him.

When I used the phrase initially, people looked at me like, “Build Back Better?” Well, what it means — we’re the only country in the world, gone through a crisis, to go through a crisis, and come out better than we were be- — before the crisis occurred. That’s building back better than it was before.

Um, Joe? You swiped the term for your campaign. It had been used by multiple people internationally before you ever used it including by the Japanese in 2015, Bill Clinton as his mantra for recovery in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010. If you’re familiar with how the Clintons are viewed in Haiti, you know it didn’t go well and they didn’t “build back better.” It even goes as far back as the 2004 tsunami when Clinton coined the term as a way of expressing how the world had to respond. So yes, Joe, just plagiarized a term widely used before his campaign even came along.


Biden is also acting as though he’s achieved building things back better when he’s basically just left the country a mess. Americans thought they were getting a nice moderate. And the elections on Tuesday were a sound rejection of the radicalism that he has embraced ever since he took office.

Instead, this is who we were left with. He’s going to get in trouble with the people who tell him what to do.


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