Washington Democrats Pushing for LGBTQ Sex Ed for Children, Including Kindergarteners


Progressives really really really want to indoctrinate your children into their ideology when it comes to sexual matters. It seems that every few weeks, another story pops up discussing how leftists in certain areas are attempting to inject their views on sexuality and gender roles into the school curriculum. 


Breitbart News reported on Washington Democrats’ effort to pass House Bill 2184, which would require “comprehensive sexual health education” by 2022. If this bill is made into law, it would mean that even kindergarten-aged children would be exposed to material regarding the LGBT community — especially when it comes to transgender individuals. 

A group called Informed Parents of Washington which describes itself as “a coalition of parents dedicated to fighting Comprehensive Sexxx [sic] Education in our schools and legislation that imposes upon parental rights,” is fighting the measure. Members of the organization are sounding the alarm to other parents about the content of the curriculum that the bill would require. 

The Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) conducted a poll concerning the topic to gauge the attitudes of parents. They received about 10,000 responses, three-fourths of which were women. The results revealed that 58% of respondents did not believe that comprehensive sexual health (CSHE) should be mandatory for children in grades K-12. 

But, apparently, the Sexual Health Education Workgroup feels they know better when it comes to what the children of other people need. In a statement, they insisted that, “Washington’s public schools should have access to comprehensive sexual health education in grades K-12. Mandating CSHE is an issue of equity and would help to ensure all students across the state receive quality, evidence-informed instruction, regardless of who they are or where they live.”


The group also pointed out that “several groups are often excluded from relevant, inclusive instruction, including students in out of home care, students with disabilities, students who identify as LGBTQ+, and English learners, among others.” 

At least one state representative is pushing back against the measure. Rep. Michelle Caldier included a radio report with John Sattgast on her website. “When I looked at the curriculum, I’d be happy to read some of this stuff, but I will tell you I know that the chair would gavel me because it is completely inappropriate for me to say here,” she said. “And I think that if it is inappropriate for me to say on the dais, I don’t think that’s something that I would want to teach a kindergartner.”

The Democrats put forth a proposal called “Rights, Respect, Responsibility: A K-12 Curriculum” detailing what schoolchildren would learn if the measure is passed. Kindergarteners would be taught how to identify body parts,” and the differences in gender roles. They would also biology is subservient to gender identity. 

First graders would get more detailed lessons on gender roles. Teachers would be required to read “My Princess Boy,” which is a story about a boy who likes “pretty things” and enjoys wearing “girly dresses.” Educators would then be required to ask the children:


“Does the job a person has, or what they wear mean the person is a man or woman? Do the activities someone likes to do for fun or what they wear mean they are a boy or a girl?”

Finally, the teacher would end the lesson by asking the children how they could “support others in trying new things and participating in activities that some people may sometimes say are only for boys or only for girls?”

Even more alarming is the fact that the curriculum would also low-key encourage sexting among teenagers. Informed Parents of Washington pointed out that the lesson plans would teach them that “Sexting is here to stay,” and that, “The real issue is consent.” It further states that, “If you think about it like that, then sexting is just another aspect of normal sexual behavior.” 

The group also notes that, “For homework kids go out and share their newfound knowledge with at least four friends. Though they do tell students that naked photos of kids under 18 is illegal, if they were serious about discouraging kids from sexting they would take a different, more serious approach.” 

As stated previously, Washington isn’t the only state in which progressives are attempting to inject their ideas regarding sexuality into the education system. Last year I wrote a piece about progressives in Austin, TX pushing the same agenda. 


The insidious part about these stories is that without groups like Informed Parents of Washington, most parents would remain unaware of this type of legislation. Progressive actors play on our ignorance. 

These stories remind us how important it is to focus on local politics rather than fixating on what is happening in the federal government. Both are important, but one’s local government typically has more of an impact on one’s life than the federal. 


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