Joy Reid Makes Ridiculous Claim That Gun Laws Are Based on White Supremacy

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They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere! “They” being “white supremacists,” of course.

Not that we didn’t already know MSNBC’s Joy Reid is without question the most bitterly race-obsessed individual in the “news media” — if not on the planet — but almost literally, every time this race hustler opens her silly mouth to spew even more racially-divisive nonsense, she ups her pathetic game.


A difficult task, one might assume, which Reid continues to pull off like a piece of cake.

Here’s what Reid said in response to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, as transcribed by The Blaze:

“[T]his is what we expected to happen because I think we have to keep in mind when we’re watching the criminal justice system at work that it was designed to do exactly what it did today. Gun laws helped to enhance the design to allow this verdict to happen today.

“This country was built on the idea of white men had a particular kind of freedom and a particular kind of citizenship that only they have that gives, you know, from the slave catchers on the right to inflict violence in the name of protecting property.”

How does a sane person respond to that kind of insanity? Knowing that it flies in the face of reality?

This spectacular fool moans about a criminal justice system that is little more than a revolving door for black repeat offenders in cities across America. Repeat offenders who return to the streets to continue to commit violent crime after violent crime.  Until, finally, some repeat offender commits a crime so horrific that it makes national news and they are “put away” for good.

Want more?

A criminal justice system that allows black — yeah, I said it — flash mobs to commit “smash and grab” robberies at an increasing rate? A criminal justice system that stands idly by as BLM activists riot and torch American cities, as the media — including Joy Reid — continues to refer to those riots as “peaceful protests,” damn near cheerleading them along the way?


Give. Me. A. Break.

Let’s go to Fox News host Mark Levin — AKA: “The Great One” — for further annihilation of Ms. Reid.

Warning: This is brutal. You’ll love it. 

“[Reid] is a very wealthy woman. [Her net worth is reportedly $4 million.] All these hosts, they are treated like kings and queens […] then they have drivers to take them home.

“Then [they say] they’re ‘down for the revolution.’ But she’s not in the streets where she and others are lighting fuses for animosity, for jealousy, for hate, for bigotry, for racism. It’s all being pushed in the media.”

Of course, Levin is right. Two ways.

First, to Levin’s point, the “very wealthy” Ms. Reid, despite her protestations to the contrary, does not give a damn about the plight of “downtrodden” people of color — except that “those people” provide content about which she spews her racist hatred on a daily basis.

Second, and here’s the dirty little secret of the left: People like Harvard graduate Joy Reid — including the entirety of the Democrat Party — don’t want the aforementioned downtrodden folk to achieve whatever the hell they lie about wanting them to achieve at any given moment.


Think about it. The logic is sound: If there were no longer any “downtrodden” people of color for the benevolent Democrats to protect from the evil Republicans, today’s Democrat Party would cease to exist because there would be zero reasons for newly-ascended people of color to vote Democrat.

It really is that simple. Moreover?

My above observations are not new. And I am far from the only political pundit who has ever observed them. Here’s Levin, further annihilating Reid:

“First it was the ‘systemically racist’ police, now it’s the ‘systemically racist’ judges and the ‘systemically racist’ juries and the ‘systemically racist’ justice system. The felon? No.

MSNBC puts these people on and gives them a platform. This was them, the other day. [Levin then played a clip containing the Reid quote at the top of this piece.]

Already visibly disgusted, Levin stopped the tape.

“Wait, wait, wait, The right to bear arms goes back thousands of years before this country was ever in anybody’s mind. That is the right to defend yourself.

“Whether it was your fists, whether it was clubs and rocks, whether it was knives and swords … whatever it is, people have a right to protect their lives, to protect their physical being, to protect their families, to protect their homes. This is instinctive. It’s part of the human DNA.

“It’s not that the Second Amendment was created to sort of allow this ‘white supremacist’ jury — whatever she’s got going on in her sponge for a brain. No, and one doesn’t follow the other.

“The reason we have a Bill of Rights is to protect us — these rights that we have as human beings — from government.”


After resuming the clip of Reid’s racist nonsense about “white men” having “a particular kind of freedom,” Levin again “stopped the tape” and promptly continued to blister Reid and her racist nonsense.

“What does that mean? Is that what the Declaration of Independence says? I think Joy Reid’s parents were immigrants into this country [They were: from Congo and Guyana] … her family never experience any of that. [And never did Reid, a Harvard graduate.] Her family has only experienced great things in this country.”

“This phrase ‘white supremacy,'” Levin said, now refers to “the entire white society.”

“People are supposed to just sit back and take it. […] She says this legal system was set up for white people. Let me ask you something. If the whole system was set up for the white person, why was Kyle Rittenhouse charged in the first place? It’s a lie and she knows it’s a lie but it doesn’t matter.

“She’s an activist. She’s a Marxist. She’s a racist. She’s a bigot.

“The idea that [she can have] a primetime show, five days a week, despite what they’ve found on her social media and her lies to try to cover it up —that somebody hacked into her social media —horrendous things about gays and Jews on there.

“They spew these things. The Democrat Party and their media; they’re destroying this country.”


Amen, Mark. Hence, America, “The Great One.”

I’ve often used the old idiom, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time” to illustrate the insidiousness of the left. As is the case with a spoiled child who can never get enough, the more the left gets, the more it wants. Hence, liberals invent terms like “fair share” and “systemic racism” to use against the rest of us.

Similarly, they slap the worn-out “white supremacy” label on anything and everything they choose to lie about and exploit, and in the best tradition of Saul Alinsky, they attempt to “freeze the target” of their faux, hypocritical wrath.

In the end, America, these people are all about power and total control. Joy Reid and those like her are simply useful idiots who in turn employ useful idiots of their own to do their inexcusable bidding.

Here’s the entire Levin segment:

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