Michigan Dems Blame Guns, Call for More Control in Wake of Oxford School Shooting

Michigan Dems Blame Guns, Call for More Control in Wake of Oxford School Shooting
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You knew it was coming. Just like you always know it’s coming after every “mass” shooting occurs.

The gun grabbers crawl out of their holes in droves to angrily and indignantly demand stricter gun control; everything from tougher registration requirements to confiscation and outright bans on AR-15s, semi-automatic handguns, and other really scary-sounding (and looking) firearms and stuff.

You see, it’s always the gun’s fault.

Just like we were told by the Planet Looney Tunes Left that an SUV was to blame for the Waukesha, Wisconsin, “accident” — the “crash” into the Waukesha Christmas parade that left seven people dead and at least 62 injured. The driver of the SUV, Darrell E. Brooks Jr.? He was apparently just along for the ride.

And now, as reported by Breitbart on Thursday, like clockwork in the wake of Tuesday’s shooting at the Oxford High School in Michigan that killed three students initially, with a fourth student dying of gunshot wounds on Wednesday, it’s the gun grabbers’ turn to grab the megaphone and do what they do. 

Fifteen-year-old Ethan Crumbley used a semiautomatic 9-millimeter Sig Sauer pistol purchased by his father on Nov. 26, just four days before Tuesday’s shooting. I’m not gonna get anywhere near speculating about anything, so let’s just say that’s an odd set of circumstances.

According to the AP, Michigan Democrats waited less than 24 hours after the shooting before they vowed to push new gun-control legislation and to revive “stalled bills” in Michigan’s Republican-led Legislature.

Michigan Republican lawmakers who have opposed Democrat gun-control efforts didn’t immediately comment. Incidentally, comparing Democrats and gun control in the aftermath of a mass shooting, to Pavlov’s dogs and a ringing bell would not be a dissimilar comparison.

“We can’t do nothing,” said Democrat State Sen. Rosemary Bayer, whose district includes Oxford High School, telling reporters it’s time for action.

Right this minute, action, she meant.

“We have to take action. Right this minute, today, I think I really, really want to focus on the families and […] just trying to help them know that we’re here for them, that we’re supporting them in any way we can.” [By denying guns to law-abiding Michiganders?]

“Very quickly, we’ll have new bills, new ideas, more new things that we’re going to try to pull and change the script in the Legislature in Lansing.”

[Again, like clockwork, Democrats never let a crisis go to waste.]

Michigan Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer — no stranger to the finer art of gun-grabbing strategies — once again played the “gun violence is a public health crisis” card, as noted by AP, calling for unspecified “actions” beyond “thoughts and prayers,” but she didn’t elaborate.

Oh, don’t worry — the specifics are coming and they’re going to be aimed at law-abiding citizens, as I said, above. For example, Witmer has previously backed a measure that would allow judges to order the seizure of firearms from people who pose a significant risk to themselves or others.

Oh, sure — what could possibly go wrong?

On the other hand, The Detroit News observed, hours after the Oxford High shooting, Michigan Republican Party co-chair Meshawn Maddock tweeted: “Many people tonight would give anything for a gun-carrying teacher in Oxford today around 1 p.m.” Hmm. Smart man:

In December 2018, Breitbart News reported the commission investigating the February 14, 2018, Parkland High School shooting voted 13-1 to allow teachers to be armed to stop future attacks. This brings us back to the same old truth: The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Democrats can try to take our guns, blame our SUVs, refer to vicious deadly attacks as “accidents” or “crashes,” and other such nonsense all they want, but the common denominator in every one of these “opportunities” for Democrats to bust out gun-control, is a bad guy with a gun. Or in Waukesha, a racist intent on committing a hate crime using an SUV as a deadly weapon to do so.

Oh, and if a bad guy really wants to get his hands on a gun — including a 15-year-old kid — guess what?

Yeah, that.

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