DeSantis' New 'Has a Pair' Merch Might Just Be the Best Thing You See All Day

I’m never quite sure what the Democrats most hate/fear about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Could it be how bad he makes them look by continually behaving like a chief executive and getting stuff done? Or the way he rubs it in their smug faces at every opportunity? Let’s go with “All of the Above.”


Either way, it’s a beautiful thing to behold.

Speaking of rubbing it in the Democrats’ faces, DeSantis’s official campaign website does just that with its popular campaign merch, including “Don’t Fauci my Florida” T-shirts and “How the hell am I going to be able to drink a beer with a mask on?” koozies.

The DeSantis’ campaign is launching a new line of golf balls, as reported by The Blaze, that is sure to be a yuuge hit — two-golf-ball boxes, with the messaging:

“Democrat leadership is weak … but not here in Florida” and “Florida’s governor has a pair.”

How perfect is that?

Toss in a little macho “get ‘er done” music — and you have the perfect, in-their-faces campaign ad.

Incidentally, DeSantis was asked earlier in the month to comment on the wildly popular “Let’s Go Brandon” meme — code for “F*** Joe Biden.” His response was classic DeSantis.


Ron DeSantis isn’t the only one in the DeSantis camp taking shots at the Democrats. As RedState reported on Wednesday, DeSantis spokesperson Christiana Pushaw served up a brutal take on Team Biden seemingly throwing the ever-inept Kamala Harris under the bus as far as they can. Here’s a snippet:

Psaki knows EXACTLY how her Tweet about Kamala Harris comes across. The Biden Admin is trying to use Kamala as a scapegoat for all their failures. They’re planting negative stories about her. I don’t pity her obviously, but it is pathetic of Biden.

A scapegoat, for sure. Meanwhile, Ron DeSantis will keep sticking it to them.

One box of golf balls at a time.


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