Now, Loudoun County Outrages Parents With Student Survey About Steamy Sex Life Details

It’s almost like the Loudoun County Public Schools continually try to anger parents. From critical race theory indoctrination to attempting to cover up a sexual assault of a young girl to now asking high school students to complete a detailed survey on their sexual habits, one can only wonder what comes next.


Needless to say, parents of Loudoun Valley High School students are incensed after finding out their children were given the sex survey without parent notification or consent.

As reported by WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C., the  Purcellville, Virginia, school gave the “optional and anonymous” sex survey to about 180 students and about 90 of them completed it.

According to WJLA, survey questions included the following:

During your life, with whom have you had sexual contact?

Have you ever had sexual intercourse?

During your life, with how many people have you had sexual intercourse?

In addition to the survey, “handy little informational sheets” were posted in the school’s student restrooms. (emphasis, mine)

Pleasure yourself with Nicotine?

Try masturbation, instead!

Masturbation is a safe and healthy alternative to vaping as a solution to remove stress.

Try it by yourself or with a friend.

I don’t smoke — I never have — so nicotine has never been a thing for me. How do I put this?


I have no problem with the school’s recommended alternative to its students. I say that in the context of not being a prude. That said, why does the Loudoun Country school board believe it is its right to push kids to masturbate? But also, toss in the “try it with a friend” thing?

As is often the case when liberals get caught with their progressive pants down, Loudoun Valley High School Assistant Principal Bill Gulgert apologized to parents about the survey incident, saying personal sex data would be “removed” and not used. He added that the school “respects the right of parents to be notified in such matters.”

Um, sure he does. Liberals are like children. They push, push, push — as far as they can — only apologizing when they get caught “being bad.” If Mr. Gulgert truly believes that the rights of parents should be respected, why was the sex survey distributed in the first place?

I got this one.

Because Loudoun Country — and similar school boards across the country believe, as is the case with the left in general — that it is its responsibility to involve itself in all aspects of the development of America’s kids. We must soundly reject that false premise.

The CRT controversy, and now the sex survey intrusion, constitutes a blessing in disguise — a blessing that continues to spread to other school systems across the country. This level of “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!” parent involvement must continue, if we are to save our children from the insidiousness of radical leftism and radicalized school systems.


The left’s attempts to take control of all aspects of our lives must be stopped in their tracks.

If not, they will only get worse.

Far worse. 

WJLA reported that other area schools were administering the same survey, including Fairfax County, the city of Alexandria, and Prince William County.


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