Marjorie Taylor Greene Praises AOC and Blasts GOP 'Traitors' for Backing Biden Bill — in Single Tweet

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As the fallout continued for the 13 Republican lawmakers who joined forces with Nancy Pelosi’s House Democrats to pass the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill late Friday night, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) fired up her Twitter machine and praised Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her fellow Squad comrades for voting “no” on the bill, and also slammed the Republican “traitors.” In a single tweet.


Marjorie Taylor Greene at her best, America:

Here are the “Republicans” that just voted to help Biden screw America.

But 6 Democrats did more than these 13 traitor Republicans to stop Biden’s fake Infrastructure bill by voting NO. AOC Tlaib Pressley Omar Bush Bowman

They have more balls than these R’s.

Ooh, that had to leave a mark. The last line, in particular.

Greene fired off several tweets blistering the 13 Republicans, noted Newsweek, beginning with:

Republicans who hand over their voting card to Nancy Pelosi to pass Biden’s Communist takeover of America will feel the anger of the GOP voter.

As to AOC and that clown car, the far-left wing of the House sought to link passage of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan with passage of Biden’s even more disastrous $1.75 trillion “social spending” bill — the laughably named Build Back Better Act.

However, opposition from moderate House Democrats torpedoed the effort — for now, that is — leading to AOC & Co. voting “no” on the bill. As RedState reported on Saturday, lawmakers instead pledged to vote on BBB by Nov. 15. Given opposition from moderate Senate Democrats like West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, Biden’s transformation of America as we know it will be far from a done deal.


Anyway, MTG continued blistering the Republican “traitors,” in one case with an obvious reference to Republican Glenn Youngkin’s win in the Virginia gubernatorial race over the lying liar of lying liars and former VA governor, Terry McAuliffe.

On Tuesday, the American people rejected the Democrats’ platform and by Friday Republican traitors locked arms with Nancy Pelosi to pass Joe Biden’s communist takeover of America.

Your voters will send you the same message they sent Democrats on Tuesday.

Nicely played.

In an even better move, Greene also tweeted the phone numbers of the 13 Republicans.

Remind me to never tick this woman off.

To suggest Marjorie Taylor Green was 100 percent right is to suggest the obvious — if you’re a true conservative, that is, who has long been sick and tired of weak-a** Republicans folding up like cheap lawn chairs as if they’re terrified to cross the Democrats and/or anger the left-wing sock puppet media.


Why? WHY? 

It doesn’t take a “very stable genius” (sorry not sorry), nor Marjorie Taylor Greene, to see, time and time again, that the Democrat Party — along with the lapdog media — lies, cheats, exploits, and supports everything it supports and opposes everything it opposes with one eye on the voting booth and a never-quenched thirst for power, everyone and everything else be damned — including the American people.

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