Cori Bush Busts out Go-to Ad Hominem as She Foolishly Chides Oil Execs for 'Killing Millions of People'

AP Photo/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Democrat Representative and proud “Squad” member Cori Bush (MO) jumped ugly on oil company executives during a House congressional hearing on Thursday for promoting and selling fossil fuels that continue to kill “millions of people.” And yes, ridiculousness abounded, the longer Bush talked.


Before we get to the business at hand, as reported by CNN — of course — House Oversight Chair, Democrat Carolyn Maloney (NY) announced at the end of Thursday’s hearing that she plans to subpoena oil companies and trade groups for key documents related to their actions relative to the “climate crisis.”

Their “climate disinformation” [sic] campaign, as it were.

Ever hyperbolic, Bush went full metal Squad (emphasis, mine), as transcribed from the below video.

“For years you all have continued to promote fossil fuels despite knowing that promoting them means promoting environmental racism and violence in black and brown communities.

“[You have been] promoting and selling fossil fuels that are killing millions of people. This is a striking example of white supremacy. Your profit-driven choices threaten my life, the lives of my family, my neighbors, and our communities every single day.”

Bush claimed she has asthma.

Anyway, she busted out the tried-and-true “cover-up” card — another Democrat go-to tactic.

“For decades, Big Oil has been investing billions in covering up their role in the climate crisis. At our oversight hearing today, I made sure the fossil fuel CEOs know: We’re not going to let them get away with it any longer.”

Wanna bet? Here’s the thing:

The world lives, grows, and flourishes on evil fossil fuels, bless your left-wing-loon heart. You and your fellow Squad members can continue tilting at fossil fuel windmills to your silly heart’s content but meanwhile, the sane among us will continue to dismiss your hyperbolic nonsense out of hand.


Cori Bush and the rest of the radical-left lawmakers are not alone in their delusion. As we reported on Thursday, one look no further than the corrupt-as-hell United Nations and its ridiculous position on climate change — AKA: “The existential threat of our time.”

The United Nations Development Programme on Wednesday released a bizarre video featuring a talking computer-generated dinosaur warning humans that they must take urgent climate action to avoid extinction. The video is part of the UN’s “Don’t Choose Extinction” campaign.

Yup, gang — “Frankie the Dino” struck fear into the hearts of climate deniers, everywhere.

And in even more ridiculous news, as we reported , with gas prices continuing to soar, White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy announced on Thursday that the Biden administration is going to increase regulations on the oil industry.

“There’s a place for” regulation and “We’re going to use it,” McCarthy said during an appearance on MSNBC. Moreover, McCarthy said oil executives will soon face “a day of reckoning.”


As I suggested in the article — and what the hell do I know, when it comes to the goings-on of the Biden administration? — it seems to me that Biden’s equally-clueless Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm should be leading the oil industry regulation parade, no?

The bottom line:

After Democrats thoroughly get their asses handed to them in the 2022 midterms, they are going to histrionically claim — with zero evidence — that evil Republicans, in all of their racist white supremacist glory, cheated and suppressed the hell out of the vote of people of color.

In reality, the left continues to dig its own idiotic, well-deserved grave.


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