Josh Hawley Nails Biden's Disastrous Jobs Report in One Devastating Sentence

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Joe Biden’s latest delusional trip (double entendre meant) down the Yellow Brick Road was over before it began. As we reported, the herculean effort by Corn Pop’s pal to spin the ever-loving crap out of the disastrous September jobs report was a thing of “beauty” — depending on one’s perception of beauty, of course.


The dismal report showed the economy adding just 194,000 jobs — well short of the 500,000 new jobs expected — less than 40 percent of target. Still, the guy who thinks every American has a right to “badakathcare” laughably attempted to portray the massive shortage as “progress.”

Enter, Republican senators, including presidential hopefuls, who proceeded to blister Biden and the jobs report, as reported by Fox News, including South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham, who said the Biden administration “has been throwing a wet blanket over job creators.”

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), who appears to have presidential aspirations, told Fox Business:

“This administration’s plan of paying people not to work and burdensome mandates has crippled our economy at a time when middle-class Americans are already struggling to afford basic necessities due to inflation.”

While it might come as a shock to Biden and his band of out-of-touch elitist misfits, unknown millions of Americans are and will remain plopped down on their couches or hanging out in their parents’ basements as long as the government (taxpayers) continues to give them a sufficient amount of money to do just that.

As noted by Fox, while Biden claimed the country has made “consistent and steady progress” — the unemployment rate is below 5% for the first time since he took office — and touted findings from the Labor Department that showed the number of layoffs and job reductions “is the lowest in this country since 1997,” he “forgot” to tell the rest of the story.


Fortunately, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) did not. The Ranking member of the Senate Joint Economic Committee noted that jobs are currently 5 million short of pre-pandemic levels.

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, also said to be eyeing a 2024 presidential run, told Fox Business the labor shortage continues to worsen, suggesting Biden & Co. should abandon its plan to increase entitlements.

“This jobs report shows what employers all over the country have been saying for months: the labor shortage is getting worse.

“The Biden administration should abandon their new entitlement programs, restore the work requirements they gutted in their March spending spree and get people back to work.”

You ever notice that charges leveled by the Right against the Democrat Party for screwing things up — the jobs market, illegal immigration, foreign policy, et al. — are demonstrably true, while charges from the Left against the Republican Party — white supremacy, systemic racism, anti-science, et al. — are clearly not?

Me, too.

Finally, Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley nailed Biden in a single sentence, as transcribed by Fox:

“This is just more evidence of Joe Biden’s anti-worker agenda in action. Instead of the recovery we desperately need, Biden’s given us fewer jobs, higher prices, and rampant inflation.

It’s time for the president to stop fighting his phony culture war and put America back to work.


Game, set, match. As is the case with The Pentagon — Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, Gen. Mark “Critical Race Theory” Milley, et al. — and Biden’s Afghanistan debacle, about which China’s Xi Jinping and Russian strongman Vladimir Putin continue to laugh their asses off.

So, how have Biden and his equally disastrous administration worked out so far, after nearly nine months on the job? As my colleague, Nick Arama reported earlier on Saturday, not well at all. As Nick noted, in part, just 32 percent of independents — a critical demographic for both parties — approve of how Biden is handling his job while 60 percent disapprove.

Biden and his flying monkeys can spin the hell out of anything and everything that tickles their fancy, but facts are facts. And those facts — as clearly demonstrated by reputable polls on a regular basis — suggest storm clouds on the horizon for the Democrat Party, for both the 2022 midterm elections and the 2024 presidential election, if Biden continues to steer his leaky, left-wing ship directly into the storm.

Given the panicked capitulation of megalomaniacal House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, sleazy Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, clueless Biden himself, and the entire Democrat Party to the loony-left Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez faction, I believe Biden and the party will continue full speed ahead with reckless abandon.


Scary? As hell — which is why the radical Left must be stopped.

We must neuter the Democrats in 2022 and bury them in 2024 — before they do precisely the same to us.


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