Biden's Bad Effort to Spin Abysmal Jobs Report

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I reported earlier on the horrible, Friday jobs report that failed to meet expectations.

While the prevailing belief had been that there would be 500,000 jobs added over September, in fact, it was far less than that. Indeed, it was less than half — only 194,000 jobs. In the words of CNN, “way less than expected,” less than last month, and “the worst of the year.”


But you wouldn’t know how horrible it was, if you just listened to Joe Biden try to spin the report after it came in. First, he was 83 minutes late in delivering his remarks on the report, so it didn’t start out well.

Then it was like he had remarks written for the expected number — not for the real number — as he tried to spin the bad news into something good. He just concentrated on the unemployment number and disregarded everything else.

As Fox’s Charles Payne noted, using the logic that Biden just used to “celebrate a horrific employment report, we should all root for 2.2 million people drop[ping] out the labor force so we can take the “unemployment rate” to 0.0%.”

Biden again tried to blame the numbers on the pandemic.

But, he came in on a promise that he had a “plan” — that he was going to end the pandemic and stop the virus. That, of course, was nonsense — it’s a virus. There have now been more Americans who have died from the virus under Biden than President Donald Trump. But of course, if someone died from COVID under Trump, it was Trump’s fault.


Now, the media and Dems have flipped the script, it’s not Biden’s fault that he has more people dead. And it’s still not clear what his “plan” is to end the virus. He promised to shut down the virus — not have the virus shut him down and shut down the economy.

So, he took questions, explaining all the great things he did to make this wonderful report happen, right? Well, no, he didn’t. He spun, expected people to buy it, closed his cheat sheet notes, and beat it the heck out of there without taking any questions.

Because, God forbid, he would have to try to justify anything he was saying in comparison to reality. That might not go over very well at all.



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