Chris Wallace Hawks New Book, Trashes Trumpers on Colbert's Show: 'I Don't Want to Hear Their Crap'

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If you haven’t seen Fox News host Chris Wallace stop by another Fox show lately to hawk his new book, you’ve missed the most embarrassing self-promotion of anything I’ve seen in a long while — if ever. Hell, I even cringed the first time I witnessed the shameless spectacle, and I’m pretty much a non-cringer.


I can’t even begin to describe the depth of the unabashed boasting to which Wallace stoops, but I’m telling you — you gotta see it, at least once. Anyway, Wallace insists that his book — “Countdown Bin Laden: The Untold Story of the 247-Day Hunt to Bring the Mastermind of 9/11 to Justice” — is “a historical thriller filled with intrigue, cinematic action, and fresh reporting about the race to apprehend and bring to justice the mastermind of the most consequential terrorist attack in American history.”

Given that the description comes from the link,, I think we can figure out who wrote it.

So Wallace shows up on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” to pimp his book. Fine. Not that we should be surprised that the subject of Donald Trump, the election, and the election aftermath would come up, as well — given the history of both the host and the guest.

Yeah, so here’s how that went down.

After coming back from a break, Colbert kicked off the second part of his interview with the host of “Fox News Sunday” with this set-up question, right down the middle of the plate:

“I’m wondering if you and your fellow Sunday morning guys … if you ever feel like you shouldn’t have on [your show] people who have the irrational belief that the last election was stolen?” [wild applause, as Wallace nods and grins like bobblehead monkey]

“People who cynically promulgate … I don’t want to suggest that you haven’t pushed back because you have — quite famously — but have you ever seen anything so cynical in Washington, D.C., than this knowledgeable — people saying things they know aren’t true that they know has to have lasting damage on our democracy, coming on TV and saying these things with a straight face?”


Wallace, to his credit, at least started on the right foot.

“I have never seen this — I’ve seen a lot of — I’ve been in Washington 40 years, so I’ve seen a lot of bad stuff, but nothing like this.”

Then he began to morph.

“I think more of them have cynically decided because of the Trump base — because they don’t want to get crosswise with the former president, they’re gonna say something they know is not true.

Now I don’t believe that you just sit there and say, ‘I’m not gonna have them on,’ but if I’m gonna have them on, I’m gonna hold them to account over and over.”

Wallace then went on to admit that’s exactly what he has done —”not gonna have them on” — admitting that while he has challenged many of “them” about the election, he has also decided to refuse to allow some of “them” on his show, “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.”


“Does it worry you that you give legitimacy to people who have abdicated all public responsibility?”

Finally, full metal Wallace:

“Well, there are plenty of people, you know, who were the leaders of, in the Congress, of challenging it that I just have not had on the show ever since then, and have purposely not had on the show, because frankly, I don’t want to hear their crap.”


And the storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, Chris?

“Seeing this mob coming to the cathedral of our democracy and sitting in the chair that the president of the Senate sits in and running around the rotunda, I was sickened.”

Poor form, Chris.

I report, you decide.

But here’s the thing. Chris Wallace, like everyone else, has the right to hawk his book wherever and however he chooses. Would I reduce myself to the unabashed self-promotion I described at the top of the article? No — and I’m far from a bashful guy, but that’s just me.

However, trotting out onto the set of a show hosted by an arrogant clown who you know has unmercifully trashed all things Trump for five years, ridicules other Republican leaders, generally mocks conservatives and conservative principles on a regular basis, and is among the heroes of the Left for doing exactly “all of the above”? Then, playing along with Colbert and saying exactly the kind of crap, he wants you to say?

Again, poor form, Chris. But, hey — whatever it takes to boost book sales, right?

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