Biden 'Hoping to Turn the Page' on Afghanistan

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President Joe Biden is planning to move on from his Summer of Crises, America.

Yep, time to move on from his Afghanistan debacle, followed by the immediate collapse of the Afghan government and U.S.-trained military, an unknown number of Americans stranded behind Taliban lines, for which Biden alone is purposely responsible, a devastating August jobs report, and falling poll numbers.


But, hey — enough of the self-inflicted bad stuff; it’s time to move on to the fun stuff!

As the Associated Press put it, Biden is “hoping to turn the page” on “all of the above” and more (except for the ice cream, of course). After an “unrelenting summer,” Biden now hopes to refocus his presidency this fall around his core economic agenda. Stranded Americans, be damned. Disillusioned European leaders let down by Biden’s unilateral Afghanistan disaster, be damned. Everything, be damned.

Except for the continuation of Biden’s rubber-stamp support of the radical Left’s agenda.

Unsurprisingly, the AP article was peppered with near-glowing comments about Biden and the job he’s doing by none other than Democrat apologist and presidential historian, Michael Beschloss.

While equally inept Secretary of State Antony Blinken is up to his eyeballs trying to evacuate stranded Americans — without U.S. personnel on the ground (Who knew?) — our intrepid president is preparing to fire up Air Force One and jet off to the disaster of California to campaign for equally disastrous Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is facing only the second gubernatorial recall in California history.


Beschloss’s ridiculous spin, as transcribed by AP?

The presidency is not a job for a monomaniac. You have to be multitasking 24 hours a day.

Earth to Beschloss: “Multitasking 24 hours a day”? This guy can’t remember which state or city he’s in half the time, forgets the names of members of his own team, confuses his wife with his sister, calls God “the thing,” and thinks every American has a constitutional right to “Badakathcare.”

As noted by Washington Examiner, Biden can hardly acknowledge that he abandoned American citizens behind Taliban lines — purposely so. This was all planned for, he told us. Even when Biden in late August said: “The buck stops with me” — he immediately qualified the ever-loving hell of it.

“The buck stops with me, I took the consensus opinion … It was my decision.”

Before he was finished, it was pretty much [sarc]:

“The buck stops with me but Trump made do it, and it was Afghanistan’s fault, anyway.”

Here’s more, via AP.

Biden now hopes for a post-Labor Day reframing of the national conversation toward his twin domestic goals of passing a bipartisan infrastructure bill and pushing through a Democrats-only expansion of the social safety net.

White House officials are eager to shift Biden’s public calendar toward issues that are important to his agenda and that they believe are top of mind for the American people.


Catch that last sentence? “That they believe are top of the mind of the American people.” Really?

Which people? As contrasted with tens of millions of Americans for whom stranded Americans half a world away at the whim of the most brutal terrorist organization on the planet is on the top of their minds? An out-of-control southern border, including COVID-positive illegal aliens streaming into the country and subsequently being shipped across America without state or local officials being told they’re coming? Poor overall leadership of the federal government by the most inept president and administration in their lifetime?

Correction: Joe Biden and his administration very much want “the American people” to be most concerned with the Democrats’ trillion-dollar non-infrastructure “infrastructure” bill, Nancy Pelosi’s $3.5 trillion socialist utopian disaster, and the Democrats-only expansion of the cradle-to-grave “social safety net.”

Yet here’s White House press secretary Jen Psaki, as misguided as ever, as transcribed by AP:

I think you can expect the president to be communicating over the coming weeks on a range of issues that are front and center on the minds of the American people.

Certainly you can expect to hear from him more on his Build Back Better agenda, on COVID and his commitment to getting the virus under control, [and] to speak to parents and those who have kids going back to school.


I’m aware that Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) is persona non grata in “some parts,” but his below comments are spot-on, as reported by AP.

President Biden desperately wants to talk about anything but Afghanistan, but Americans who are hiding from the Taliban, ISIS, and the Haqqani network don’t give a damn about news cycles, long weekends, and polling — they want out.

Sasse last Friday called on the Biden White House to provide a public accounting of the true number of Americans stranded in Afghanistan — which is tantamount to calling on Michael Moore to stop inhaling McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese; it ain’t gonna happen. In Biden’s case, because his administration is either clueless about the actual number; or will never reveal it if it knows it.

But fear not, Bidenistas. As spun by AP, even with your intrepid hero’s multiple disasters continuing or worsening, the skipper is keeping up with the other responsibilities of his foundering ship.

According to White House officials, even as other issues dominated headlines, Biden and his team have maintained regular conversations with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., about the president’s legislative agenda.

His legislative team held more than 130 calls and meetings with members of Congress, their chiefs of staff and aides on the infrastructure bill and spending package, and his administration has held over 90 meetings with legislative staff on crafting the reconciliation bill.

Cabinet officials have also been engaged with lawmakers, officials said, and traveled to 80 congressional districts to promote the agenda across the country while Biden was kept in Washington.


And finally, the delusional, mind-blowing, Biden spin of Michael Beschloss.

Per AP, Beschloss said Biden may have a leg up on some of his predecessors at moving beyond the crises to keep his legislative agenda on track, given his 50 years of experience in national politics.

If there’s anyone who has a sense of proportion and distance and perspective at a time like this, he does. For someone who’s been in national life much more briefly and was new to the presidency, you’re being stunned by things all the time.

[multiple ROFL emojis]

Then fade to black — and go get drunk.

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